Chess Opening TRICK to Fool Your Opponent: Tennison Gambit – Strategy & Moves to Trap Black Queen

Openings are the most exciting phase in the game of chess. There are various chess strategies, tactics, tips, tricks, ideas, traps, gambits & opening moves that you can use to fool your opponent & win more chess games. In this video, I share a secret opening trick that white can use to trap the black queen. This opening trick involves the use of knight, bishop, pawn & white queen. This trick is popularly known as the Tennison Gambit. A gambit is basically a chess opening strategy in which a player sacrifices his material of lesser value, like a pawn, with the hope of achieving an advantageous position. It’s like a chess trick to fool your opponent. The Tennison Gambit is a popular response to the Scandinavian Defense. These opening moves will definitely surprise your opponent. You just need to follow these starting moves & you can easily trap and capture the black queen. This chess opening trick will help you to win fast.

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  1. Option no-5 queen defend the pawn and also threatens the knight

  2. Sir can you make a video for karo kan and how white can handle it

  3. 1.e4 d5
    2.Nf3 d5*e4
    3.Ng5 Nf6
    4.d3 e4*d3
    After this why black move h6
    Black can move e5

  4. I always win your way, when my 6 month daughter is playing against me.😜😜😜

  5. Last week I played with Rahu GanTHE. I won in 2 steps.

  6. No if after Bxe3 Nc6 defends the queen

  7. Hello !Can u keep your caption a bit aside ya make your caption light….. As it hide some of the moves

  8. The problem is that I am playing with whom he already watched this video

  9. Jeetendra sir can you please publish a video on a very deadly trap?

  10. This is so misogynistic. You should capture the king instead.

  11. Wish I could remember this stuff lol

    I’m gonna have to bring my phone to my next match

  12. If black plays 4….Nc6 instead of Pxd3, the gambit shuts down.

  13. Bro sacrificed 8 points of material for 9 points of material

  14. Yes this is a great gambit ….I played against my opponent and I won the game………..

  15. There is a huge problem with the video. The Tennison gambit works for new players. But experienced and smart players always examine and analyse the board. They will see the attack coming way before we even go for the mate.

  16. Bro you are wrong. At 4:26 black could have moved the king to g8.

  17. If the black dosent eat the pawn and push the pawn to frightened knight than the white position will be in danger

  18. That's a nice strategy, but what if king moves to g8 instead of capturing the bishop?

  19. Superb opening gambit this one…if it works and your opponent takes multiple baits

  20. 4 moves, 8 moves…the same thing

  21. I was tired of using kings gambit and London opening so thank you for showing me how to use this gambit. I always wanted to use it

  22. So in short the best moves are the worst moves for black

  23. What if after white plays Nf7, then black simply plays Qd7…allowing white to take the black rook

  24. Can you please share any video where we can take queen with less sacrifices

  25. Am I the only one who will lose his queen back in over excitement?

  26. This gambit name is intercontinantal bullestic missle i know this i hadtried to my frnd many times ✌✌

  27. You are a great chess coach the tennison gambit is really cool. I like that chess trap

  28. This is similar to the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Gambit

  29. What if after knight g5 black plays queen to d5??

  30. Why couldn't the black king move from F7 to G8 instead of capturing the bishop??

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