Chess Opening Tricks to WIN Fast: Englund Gambit Traps, Moves & Ideas | Best Checkmate Strategy

Here are some Deadly Chess Opening Tricks & Traps to Win Fast in the Englund Gambit. As you know, openings are the most exciting phase in the game of chess. There are various chess opening tricks, strategies, moves and ideas that you can use to win more games. In this video, I will show you all the Traps for Black in the Englund Gambit Chess Opening Variation. I will also show you the best moves & ideas in which white can counter this attack & gain a significant advantage. These are some amazing variations to fool your opponent & checkmate him in the first few moves. These secret tricks will help you in winning chess games against your friends & other players who have not seen such traps before. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

0:00 Englund Gambit Introduction
0:20 Opening Tricks & Traps for Black
3:05 Tricks & Traps for White
5:18 Chess Puzzle

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  1. In this puzzle prown can move forward and it can promote but then black roock take promoted prown then I white moves knite near king and after bishop moves roock move forward if they take it we could take by knight and if they don't take and don't move prown near king before we move is a cheakmate

  2. Fun fact – Since he said the englund Gambit is not played by much players so now everyone one will play this opening 👍

  3. Move the to white pawn which allows to get a queen

  4. What if in 1:2 white brings queen to d5 to defend instead of bissip

  5. It's rook to c7 to defend the pawn on b7.

  6. In C4 opponent have 3 attacker white have only 2 attacker So best move for white is Rook C7 to also defence to pawn

  7. u always drive away those sweeties and lovely ladies..

  8. I think that the best move would be making a Queen

  9. Very nice information with simple language.

  10. To promote the Queen is the best move because they will kill with there rook and we can easily win the game

  11. justice Raviraja pandian Kalyana Sundaram says:

    I am a expert

  12. justice Raviraja pandian Kalyana Sundaram says:

    I know these moves

  13. justice Raviraja pandian Kalyana Sundaram says:

    Cool I learned one move to checkmate

  14. justice Raviraja pandian Kalyana Sundaram says:

    Can we battle?

  15. Rook c4 check, Bishop takes rook, knight takes Bishop, rook takes knight, then pawn advance and become a queen

  16. Puts gun in the table
    "So you move as i tell you"

  17. And the sweety is gone ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  18. Bro they always block with the pawn with knight support

  19. Solution:
    Rc4+ ….. Bxc4
    Nc2+ ….. Kc5
    Nxb4 ….. Kxb4
    b8= Queen

    It is a winning game for white

  20. Rook to C7 is the best move I think for white defending the pawn which is going to be promoted as QUEEN & win the game

  21. Knight to D1 to protect the rook from king

  22. First step: bring the rook to C4 making a check
    Rook takes our Rook
    Second step:move the pawn to B8

  23. ghoda bhi defence kr skta hai usme dhyn se dekho zara 😂😂

  24. rook to c4 replace knight to c4 pawn promoted

  25. Rc4 is the correct answer. Then if bishop takes then fork and pawn promote to queen or if rook takes then direct pawn promotes to queen

  26. White is always in advantage to overcome any trap against black.

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