Chess Opening With The HIGHEST Win Rate After 1.e4 😱

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you a great chess opening gambit for White after 1.e4. This gambit works tremendously well at the level of below-1800 ELO players. It is the Deutz Gambit from the Italian Game which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.0-0 Nf6 5.d4.

Most importantly, this gambit opening has the highest win rate for White after 1.e4; according to the database, the move 5.d4 has 59% win rate for White, which is higher than any other opening variation that White can achieve after 1.e4 e5.

Watch this video lesson to learn how to play against different replies of Black and crush your opponents aggressively like Mikhail Tal!

► Chapters

00:00 Best Chess Opening Gambit After 1.e4 for White
00:17 Deutz Gambit, Italian Game 5.d4
01:16 1) If Black plays 5…exd4
01:31 1.1) If Black plays 6…Ne4
03:34 1.2) If Black counterattacks with 6…d5
05:48 2) If Black plays 5…Nxd4
07:45 3) If Black plays 5…Bxd4
08:41 Crushing your opponents like Mikhail Tal
10:09 Black’s correct response
11:53 Conclusion: Black’s vulnerable king for the pawn

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  1. Wouldn’t the enemy it the pond with the horse

  2. I got this postion many times, never realized I can do this kind of moves…

  3. As usual, great instructional video, very clear, thanks a lot!

  4. I'm new to your channel and i find your videos very helpful. I just got some clarification on this topic. In 1:31, What if they play Ne4 then you play Qe2 then they defend it by pawnF5, how does it progress? My idea is you will add an attacker by playing Nc3 then they will play Pawn to D5, then you're kinda losing on that position. I hope you can answer this clarification, I'm looking forward on your next video.

  5. Absolutely AWESOME chess instruction video! Great advice and a wonderful tool to use with white in the Italian Game. I will definitely try to put this to use. I usually avoid the Italian game because of the dense theory surrrounding it, though I have played it quite a bit with varying success. This video will give me a lot more confidence as white going into it. Expert level chess instruction video. Hats off to you, Master Smirnov! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to chess education! If chess were a religion, they would/should name you Saint Smirnov!

  6. This is an amazing video. Thanks Igor. I am going to study it very carefully.

  7. Awesome chess openings….until you pay a low elo player that thinks this game is packman or checkers. It usually last until their third move and they take everything they can get their hands on.
    You should make a video on dealing with these types of players.

  8. Igor can you show Benko or old name Volga gambit ples

  9. Black queen can attacks the knight on g5 easly . Which most of the players do and involve the queen straight away

  10. Just castle for black, once the white piece castle.. why would you take the phone at the middle anyways

  11. If they move pawn to D6, do you move the Knight to F7?

  12. On black's move 6, why isn't N to e4 ok? It can be attacked by white's queen, as you show, and has no place to move to…..but can't it be defended by black's queen pawn by moving it to D5 on move 7? Thanks.

  13. Just tried this. It definitely threw my opponent off and I absolutely crushed him, even tho he played knight h6 instead of f6

  14. Спасибо, буду использовать!
    Нравится итальянская партия очень, миллиард возможностей

  15. This video is so helpful. My eyes are just opened in chess after watching this. And my rating just up so fast 900-1300.I hope you make more videos like this good luck.

  16. Hi,
    What if they play knight e4 taking pawn?

  17. What should e approach if black plays pawn to h6 instead of Knight to f6? That's how I lost my try =)

  18. At 4:24, what happens if black goes knight e7 to block the attack on the queen+ put preasure on g5?

  19. How do I access the vido wherein black does not nove his bishop?

  20. What if instead of black bishop to c5, black brings knight out to f6, white castles, and knight to f6 takes pawn e4? 9 times out of 10 if I don't defend the pawn on e4, the opponent takes the pawn, then their next move no matter what is to fork my queen and rook by taking f2 removing my ability to castle.

  21. The Barnes Opening Hammerschlap variation has a 75% win rate for white (the player) and a 25% draw rate

  22. I played a variation of this opening, but I didn't castle before playing pawn d4, and then when my opponent took, I sacrificed the bishop right away. I ended up winning later by pinning a knight and attacking a rook, and I took the rook. Do you recommend this variation too, or is your method more secure? My premise was that after sacrificing my bishop, I can attack again with the knight and give a check, and bring my queen out.

  23. I opened in this manner and all was going well. When I pushed my pawn to d4 they captured with the pawn and I pushed pawn to e5. BUT, when they moved Ke4 and I followed with Qe2, they responded with pawn to f5. I wasn’t sure how to proceed following that. Can you give advice?

  24. I really enjoy in your tutorials. Thank you very much. What happens if black instead of e6, attacks the queen with g4?

  25. These are like fake martial arts. It only works if your opponent does exactly as you want them to.

  26. on 11:10 is it good instead of b3 with the knight, to queen d3 ? is that good?
    please tell me in reply

  27. I have a question @Remote Chess Academy: What if Black plays 3…Nf6 after 3. Bc4 that we played. If I castle next then I will hang my pawn so I am wondering how I can apply this gambit in different ways…

  28. Bro had one chance to play en passant and didn't take it.

  29. Even though all the moves are most played, I have not gotten the starting Deutz position a single time after 10 games with white (I am 1780). Sad because it looks like such a great opening.

  30. I will single-handedly bring this statistic down.

  31. I like the way he say "evil move"😅🤣🤣

  32. 2:06 can't black move their pawn up to defend their knight in this position?

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