Chess Openings- Dutch Defense

The Dutch Defense is chess defense that gives a direct counter attack against white’s kingside after white beings with 1. d4 We will take a look at the key concepts of the opening and analyze some of the variations that can arise from the Dutch Defense.

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  1. After looking at your video I have noticed that it's kind of like a Sicilian Defense on the other side of the board, but you can't move e4 like d4 since you have no protection on the pawn. I wonder if it's good to do e4 asap with protection from the bishop and knight

  2. This is actualy the Bird's opening in the mirror if your playing black. One of the best openings to start to learn if you're new on opening book theory. Just because you can use it no matter what colour you're playing.

  3. looks like queen pawn sicilian to me

  4. Why do you always refer to the queen as "he"?Β  I don't think it's supposed to be THAT kind of queen. πŸ˜‰

  5. This video isn't helpful at all. I feel like the analysis offered was too simple and specific to give me any meaningful understanding of this defense.

  6. Thanx 4 loading this video up… I dont want to insult U… but U really didnt say anything about the "dutch defense" exept the opening moves… there are a whole lotta things, U left out… AND in this defense, U REALLY dont want Ur black bishop on that square – he should go one square further, preferably after the pawn move d5 (Stonewall Dutch). There are 3 or more ways to play the dutch. U didnt mention them… the "best" one, is the "Stonewall.Dutch", where U normally dont fiancetto Ur Queenside Bishop.
    There is a lot more to say, but I just needed to get that off my chest.
    Thanx 4 great chess-videos. Greetings from Germany. Bye πŸ™‚

  7. This video does not highlight the real themes and ideas. There are 3 types of Dutch defenses: The Leningrad, Stonewall, and Classical. With e6, Kevin indicates he is going for the classical or the stonewall, in which it is critical to not trade off the f-pawn for white's e pawn in order to keep the center closed and attack on the kingside. Additionally, you shouldn't fianchetto your queen's bishop if white fianchettoes his king's bishop, as you can get in a lot of trouble. If you go classical (which you can learn from GM Simon Williams's videos), you're playing d6 and trying to play e5, especially when white plays d5 or e4.

  8. You have no idea what you're talking about.

  9. I really liked all your videos, however i am dissappointed with this one πŸ™
    not to insult you or anything, but the video is not informative enough

  10. My guy u need to do a vid on the dunst opening

  11. My friend who is very ggod at chess but he doesnt know that much openings thought that he was playing the sicilian defense but i asked him "do you know what opening your doing" and he's like "yah the sicilian defense" and i was like "hahahaha its called the dutch"

  12. Kevin can you please face the color side of the opening your discussing

  13. I once tried the Sicilian dragon on the queenside and got destroyed

  14. I like playing the dutch defense but I always have problem defending a pawn on either the d file or e file after I fiencheto my light square bishop. any suggestions???

  15. Gotta agree too short not enough on themes or ideas.

  16. Too much personal commentary…….way too much.

  17. Thanks Kevin, this is just great. Looking forward to more videos from you, especially with the World Championship coming up. I hope you put up a video everyday of that match. Thanks.

  18. "If your opponent wants to play Dutch defence, there is no reason to fight against that πŸ™‚ " – Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian

  19. The Dutch is very useful for players who are daring in nature

  20. Wow, 8 minutes and 23 seconds and you managed to squeeze in 93 "um"s and "ah"s. You might, um, want to work, ah, on that.

  21. Dutch Van Der Linde Defense: "I have a plan"

  22. this comment section is to sophisticated for my taste good day sirs/madams

  23. i really love stonewall attack for white and dutch stonewall defense for black and never loses unless i am playing GM…so thank you kevin for these openings

  24. Beginner player trying to best my wife, this will help. Thanks for the quick vid.

  25. hey there who come's from lichess πŸ™‚

  26. Blablabla …. Why spend three minutes talking about insignificant stuff, before you get to move number two?

  27. This video clarified the e6 move I wasn't sure about. Thanks for the video!! Let me also say that I played thousands of games on and and always played the Indian defense, nf6 without playing g6 after. I played an opponent on lichess who played the dutch and he beat me almost every time. So I decided to try it just before watching this video and won both of the games using my new dutch defense. I'm excited about this opening and will keep probing into it! Thanks again!!

  28. I was born 2 months before he made the video

  29. "And I am considering a famous chess move"

  30. I'm no expert but this is the first video of yours that I didn't like. I play the Dutch defense a lot and and this really didn't cover the different Kings night moves and why and being chattering the Kings Bishop. Didn't really discuss any variations. Usually you go over the what you do if… That's what I like about your videos..

  31. Czech Republic 2-0 Netherlands

  32. Dutch: β€œThis was all a part of the plan. *C H E S S*”

  33. Don't like the Dutch, too risky, against a strong opponent it gets complicated…I actually think that after F6 the best response for white is E4 !!

  34. Black moves one pawn.
    "My God, it's a swarm!"

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