Chess Openings- English

The English Opening in chess is one of the most common flank openings. White looks to gain center control with his c4 pawn and put pressure on the light squares.

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  1. Kevin I like your videos but I guess you drank too much before this one 😀

  2. Okay, here's something I don't get. When I use the English opening against a computer, it's first move is D7-D5 immediately threatening my pawn. If I don't take, it takes, which completely throws me off because I'm used to completing my opening against a human player. What do I do with that – other than stop playing the grab-happy computer?

  3. what if after u move ur night to E3, the opponent moves his bishop to B4, what should u do then?

  4. I'm not well versed here, but one possibility is playing d4, transposing to the queen's gambit. Otherwise, I would assume exchanging the pawns is best. Unfortunately, both of these options lose the essence of the English, which it sounds like you had hoped to maintain.

  5. Chesswebsite Drinking Game:
    chug until the intro music is over
    1 drink for when Kevin says "center control" or "tempo"
    1 drink for castles
    2 drinks when Kevin mentions the f7 square
    2 drinks when Kevin says "white/black would really like to…"
    4 drinks when Kevin says a phrase like "jump on the bandwagon" "hone in on" or "reign down upon"
    Full Drink for when Kevin mentions the smith mora gambit in an completly unrelated video


  6. Hey Kevin, one small thing if you want to improve your sound quality: try not to speak directly into the mic, direct your mouth just above it and you will get rid of those breath sounds.

  7. i just watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and noticed that Professor Moriarty opens with the English Opening during his game with Sherlock.

  8. @3:53 couldn't black just go for a pawn push up at D5 totally destroying white's structure if they fully trade? Or at least win a pawn?

  9. I've only started learning about chess a few days ago so I apologize if this is stupid but, If black go's pawn D5 then white can go pawn B3 and if black decides to take C4, white takes back with B3 pawn and is able to move his rook to the open B file.

  10. If you play B3 to defend, then black can advance the D3 pawn to D4 and that will be a real issue.
    Also note that you don't want to get your rook involved so early in the game.

  11. Well, If I would take a shot for every time I hear "but at the same time" and/or "so as you can see", I wouldn' t be typing this right now :p

  12. controlling the light center squares with the c4 nc3 opening, later fianchettoing your bisshop on the kingside :).

  13. Then pawn takes d5, after recapture with blacks queen white can play knight c3, so black queen has to move again, and white is doing better in terms of tempo/center control.

  14. that ear-blasting intro is more of a surprise attack than any chess strategy, that's for sure

  15. musical differences aside though, this is another excellent tutorial once again

  16. Isn't this opening like the sicilian but for white?

  17. Hiya. Could you do some of those follow up videos for the english that you said you would do in the video? This opening deserves further analysis a la your videos on the sicilian. Thx

  18. I think this video is cool because im a chess player myself😄

  19. Song is loud, please listen to us…otherwise a good video Kevin.

  20. The song.  The intro song.  The intro song is too loud.  Loud.  Too loud.  And you need to change this.  Change it.  Change.  The song is too loud.

    Did I mention the song is too loud?

  21. what about second move for black bishop to B4 

  22. Yo! I was surprised with the song at first!:-) xD

  23. This opening works well for me,in the beginning of the game, it isn't very attacking, but in the middle game and late beginning game, the position of the minor pieces is very attacking and useful. I rekt all those who played me black. But I am rated 950 only.

  24. Wow this video su_cked. Typically the videos are interesting.

  25. 6 minutes and nothing really happens.The strongest replies for black in this position are 3. Bb4 or 3. d5. Not 3. Nc6. 3. c6 is good too. Today more often 2.g3 is played or the four knights variation with Nc3 und Nf3.

  26. fianchetto is pronounced as a "k" not a "ch" -_-

  27. Are you from game of thrones that intro music HURRAY

  28. question: after whites fifth move bring the knight to f3, if black then pushes his e5 pawn to e4, what's whites next move?

  29. you do all of this just for making pressure on d5??? such a weak opening -__- queen's gambit is much more effective

  30. What about if black responds with d5? Kind of like the Scandinavian defence

  31. nice video but too much of talking

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