Chess Openings: Evans Gambit Part 1

The Evans Gambit is a very aggressive line in the Giuoco Piano that has yet to be refuted. I think it is white’s best continuation in the Giuoco Piano and gives white lots of fighting opportunities throughout the game.

Part 2

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  1. Why can't the knight go to e5 at the end?

  2. Why not castle before D4? Then they can’t take the pawn and the bishop doesn’t pin anything?

  3. the queens bishop can prevent it all but is not even mentioned!!

  4. Thanks for a soo good lection on Evans gambit!

  5. What if he doesnt take c3 pawn with his pawn?

  6. 7:06 what stops black from taking the bishop after he moved his king because of the check? Queen will get the dark bishop but plack will get the white one. Both sides have their pieces developed. White has less pawns and black cant castle but I dont see how this will be a big problem

  7. in 7:31 why can't the bishop just take the knight in C3, this would cause the queen to move away from the attacking position

  8. Can you speak a bit slower in your videos. I had to play this at 0.75 speed just so i could keep up.

  9. 7:05 What is he talking about?? Black is way up in material, not white. Especially for this early in the game. White would have to make a real effort to lose material to be down any farther than this.

  10. Excellent tutorial. I'm certain I will destroy many opponents with this new knowledge. THANK YOU !

  11. This channel is better than my chess teacher

  12. Is there any reason why you can't just win the queen with Re1 at 8:07?

  13. Wellp, new favorite opening lol, and luckily i dont play grandmasters lol
    Also here cuz of Agadmator 😀

  14. I think I have a better move at 3:48, white can simply play Qa4, and get the knight for free

  15. Gets WAY TOO COMPLICATED WAY TOO SOON. Slow down, pal, you're jumping around like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

  16. For anyone interested, there’s a mate in two at 3:50 IF black’s king moves to D7 instead of F8. You move your knight to E5, capturing the pawn. They’re forced to take your knight with their pawn, and then you move you Queen to E6, which is checkmate.

  17. There’s a much greater move then to take the pawn with check on king When queen is on b3 next to bishop call check on king then win the knight now your up material

  18. 5:57 move the bishop to b3 then attack the f7 square with both are knight and are queen got it

  19. If anyone is interested in working in their Evans Gambit, my username on is mrchoon. Feel free to send me a message and friend request. We'll play 30min unrated games where we play the same opening over and over as both black and white.
    Practicing an opening online can be difficult because you're relying on the giuco piano to occur

  20. What if black takes the original offered pawn with the knight rather than bishol?

  21. Defenitly one of my favorites, and very nice variations. Just one question… at 8:45 what is the teory if the knight that have nowhere to go, what if knight goes to e5.. i gues you need to take with knight so he cant capture on f3 with cheek. So the he takes back with queen… then we still can't play rook e1 because of bishop on a5. Do we play bishop to b2 to attack hes queen and g7.. seems defendable.??

  22. This is probably my favourite Gambit now.

    I was literally MIND-BLOWN by the Stafford Gambit the first time I watched some Eric Rosen's videos on it, but the Stafford can go south pretty easily.

    But with Evan's Gambit we:
    – Can Castle.
    – Gain a LOT of tempo (if we inc. Gambiting our Pawns).
    – We control the centre.

    The Stafford may be cool, but Evan's Gambit is probably one of the most ROBUST Gambits out there.

    At least for BEGINNERS. However, a lot of these lines are executed by higher-ranked players too. So it makes me wonder…

  23. Very good for white, Not so good for black

  24. Why do they have to move the bishop to c5 in the beginning?

  25. Who came here after Garry Kasparov said that this is his favorite gambit with white?

  26. When queen took pawn on a4 at 8 min 11 secs you could have pinned the queen with rook which would have been supported by the knight

  27. What do we do if 4. – Nxb4, ie Evans Gambit Accepted but taking with Knight instead of Bishop

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