Chess Openings for Beginners: Fight against the Italian Opening!

“Steve the Pirate” provides a beginner analysis of the Italian Game and Giuoco Piano from his unusually quiet rocky shore. As Black, learn how to confront one of the most basic White openings.

Erik van den Doel vs Ivan Sokolov, Dutch Championship (2004): C54 Giuoco Piano

“Steve the Pirate” by Danny Machuca


  1. Can you do a video about how to reply in queens gambit?

  2. The pirate hates the French! Quelle surprise!

  3. I would really love to see King's gambit. Whenever i used to start with pawn e5 on lichess, opponents took more time to move like they were saying "What the f*ck you just did there". It was fun.

  4. Improve mic quality. Love your content though, not a diss! Keep it up!

  5. Is there an opening for black that is the rough equivalent to the London or Colle Systems?

  6. Interesting idea: Have an interactive chess live stream like the one by flare tv "2048 – if we win the stream ends", but instead we play chess against stockfish level 1 by typing moves in chess notation in the chat.

  7. How can I reasonably be expected to take advice from a pirate?

  8. Time is perfect and the explanation is just how it has to be… not extending in variations… good video

  9. Hi how can I become 2000 rating strenght in chess and how do I prepare iam around 1250 rated player so wt shall I practice to gain 2000 strengh plzz guide me thank u

  10. Can you do Defending Against the English Opening please?

  11. Wow, this was posted yesterday! Nice simple explanation of the basic ideas in an opening and some specifics of this opening. It would be nice to mention some strategic ideas for black and white. I.e. what are the goals of the two sides for the middlegame, and the major weaknesses you will try to exploit. You mentioned white's isolated kings pawn for example. I hope you continue with the other popular openings in the same style! E.g. Ruy Lopez or Sicilian.

  12. Best explanation I've seen on this opening. Great pacing and balance of explaining moves and common traps

  13. Nice video. I would like to see more analysis on this opening in the future to get more ideas or plans in the middle game.

  14. goodjob.. thanks much for this. i love this series.. thanks.. i hope another series opening again .thanks2 much.👏👌👍😘😍

  15. Thank you. It is better that you continue and finish first with 1. e4 e5 🙂

  16. Awesome please keep making this it helps me not just my children… Don't stop

  17. This is unpleasantly weird, yet really informative.

  18. This is excellent! is this a new series? I love it.

  19. As a beginners, i love this tutorial… please do more chess opening.. i do know that "Italian opening" is for white.. please also do black defence.. like sicillian or anything related to Italian opening. Thanks..

  20. Please make more of these. I really like this explanation. It helps me understand openings way better.

  21. Any more of these "Steve the Pirate" videos in the works? I really enjoyed this one, and I'm looking forward to watching more of them!

  22. I thought I knew something until I watched this. Despite some of the garbled words, I actually learned a few things!

  23. I watched 150 videos of"SAINT LOUIS CHESS CLUB

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