Chess Openings: How to Play the Dragon & Acc. Dragon!

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IM Rensch “concedes” his “2-Minute Openings Drill” claim for something more reasonable: Tournament Openings you need to know in under 5 Minutes! Today he covers two openings in one shot. Learn to “breathe fire” with your Dragon Bishop!


  1. White is dragon opening and black is acc. dragon? am i right?

  2. White is dragon opening and black is acc.dragon? or the opposite?

  3. no black is both, accelerated it just an accelareted version

  4. the accelerated dragon and the hyper accelerated dragon are almost same

  5. yo, whassup everybody! Not the way to start a bid but i'll take it

  6. danny is a great video maker, looking forward to the next bullet brawl!

  7. what if 1. e4 c5 2. nf3 d6 3.bb5+ then what do i do?

  8. This is the most listenable video by this presenter to date. It is not the speed at which he talks but the fact that he does not hyper-qualify every point until you want to fall asleep and does not repeat himself ad nauseum.

  9. 8min 44s. "Bishop b3 to avoid tactical tricks." What tactical tricks are possible if white leaves his bishop on c4?

  10. Loved this explanation! Thank you so much!

  11. Yaw. I wish one can thumb down more than once, like 3,412 times. Yaw…

  12. An easy way for black to win that works for both beginner and advanced (mainline for advanced for me)

  13. What does he mean by “tactical tricks”

  14. Great video! Nice to see there is a lot of good stuff in the archive. Nice description of the motivations behind the moves

  15. Excellently explained for what to do, and what not because of potential consequences.

  16. Ain’t nobody can slay the dragon. Not even me, and I’m retarded. (c" ತ,_ತ)

  17. Great video. Short and to the point. Best thing is telling us what the overarching objective is. Subscribed 🙏

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