Chess Openings: How to Play the King’s Gambit

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  1. don't play against computers if you're not good at chess. they don't fall for tactics full stop. play against real people so you get a good balanced education of both strategy and tactics.

  2. David I took your class once (with Sam too!) at Berkeley Chess School like 10 years ago, glad to see you doing well still!

  3. Nice one! Concentrated main strategic ideas help amateurs like myself more than detailed complicated lines, since, at the end of the day, at my level (1600's fide) nobody is going to play like a master, and that includes me! The point is, you can know lines, but, there are plenty of moves in all openings that are "weak", yet a 1400-1800 player won't be able to take advantage, so, that makes them playable. Then you are off the book, so your plans have to change, that's the real opening skill.

  4. Keep it in church pal, your comment has nothing to do with this video. Jesus Christ did not save me or anyone. There is no evidence of a God or afterlife

  5. Thanks this video was oh so helpful. Im new to chess and some of the other videos I've seen are very complex and the uploaders usually speak very quickly as if everyone watching is some kind of chess grand master. Thanks for going slowly and in detail.

  6. Dear, can you please make a video that goes in depth about Fischer's variation Bc4. No one else on YouTube as gone in depth. Thank you.

  7. No, a fools mate is done in two moves. What you're talking about is the scholars mate.

  8. The King's Gambit is 1.e4 e5 2.f4. That's all you need to know to play it! 🙂

  9. I've been on chess dot com for quite a while now. Nobody has really ever taught me anything in chess. It's great playing people around the world.

  10. Very nice video! but please on new ones try not to put these red boxes with information about other videos right on the middle of the ones we are watching and blocking our view… I know this video is 2 years old, but take this as a good advice!

  11. KG:

    Black: OMG my center control sucks!
    White: OMG I'm getting mated!

  12. I'm pretty decent myself. 1900+ rating and climbing. I can hold my own with experts. If you're a very strong player, your opening choice on move 2 might not be so important. Qh4 is certainly playable.

  13. What if he does not take the pon? do you just take his? or move something else? 

  14. is there any more-detailed video about the King's Gambit? cuz that one is a smidgen of the opening

  15. What is the best move if 1.e4 e5 2.f4 d5 3.exd5 Bf5 ?

  16. Hmm Kings Gambit can be boring if it is responded to and responded to the response in a boring way.

  17. (2:42) Yes, be very careful; there can be forced wins or forced winning positions.

  18. Love how you explain quickly and efficiently.

  19. D o it in sweet style
    O bserv the enemy mistakes
    N ever give up attacking
    T urn attacks into wins

  20. this is quite far from "all you need to know". Either you study this opening seriously, or you're going to get crushed if your opponent plays it.

  21. wow this is great. i just watched a 3-part documentary on the King’s Gambit that wasn’t as helpful as this lol

  22. Thanks 😊 for this video!!!

  23. Excellent video. Not drawn out but straight to the point.
    Please do more like this

  24. Hahaha looks fun can't believe nobody could beat Morphy playing this

  25. Everything you need to know about the Kings Gambit in 3:27 minutes… I'm very curious already watching this video! here we go!

  26. Thank god for this video. Every other one is a whole 10-20 minute essay on the kings gambit

  27. I'm a 561 and I alway played the D4.

    Now I know how to take center and set up… You're probably never gonna see my comment but : thanks

  28. gave me things to look out for and how to use the kings gambit's advantages. THANKS

  29. I always play the kings gambit. I gambit my king by move 10

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