Chess Openings: How to Play the King’s Indian!

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More Opening Lectures for the YouTube following today from IM Daniel Rensch! Here we change directions and discuss a main line weapon against 1.d4. Enjoy Daniel’s introduction to this complex opening, and leave your comments and suggestions for which openings you would like to see next!


  1. Thanks for the clarification!!!!! Fantastic…… thank you for displaying possible continuations and variations…..this is exrtremely useful : )

  2. I love every video you guys make, and i really like the way you explain stuff, Daniel! I am always interested in the main ideeas of an opening, and what factors into making decisions about where to attack, which squares to focus, how to develop pieces more efficiently, in short: motivations, reasons. Keep up the good work! I really appreciate it!

  3. @skillsex — We go into more detail on our own website. Sign up and check the videos out over there.

    @everyone — We are glad you like these videos! More coming every week as you know 🙂

  4. Thanks so much these videos are brilliant

  5. You covered the main ideas, this helps a lot.

  6. wow! you explained well about this opening!! thank you so much! this opening is now one of my repertoire.

  7. Yes, please keep these videos coming. Back to the basics and extremely well done!
    Gene Ranunculus

  8. I love these concise intros to the common openings. covers the main points in a short amount of time. Can you do one about the Nimzo-Indian please??

  9. I am appreciating this coverage. I think the speed is great. I am tired of videos in which they explain every single opening move for like a minute each.

  10. YES! I appreciate all of these videos! I think the speed and length of the videos are perfect. They're interesting and to the point. I don't like most of the videos on because they go off on random tangents.

  11. Nice. If you talk double as fast it will take half of the time …

  12. I think this has been the best summary of the KID in youtube form, since it's such a complex opening. If only it were longer, and covered a little more of each variation…

  13. Thanks master for this video. I've been playing this defence as black for over half a year and I didn't have a clue that it has such possibilities.

  14. good and clear explanation ,little bit too fast but , covers a lot of possibilities I'm a member
    of and play a lot ,this helps clearly to understand the underlying idea of an opening.

  15. Its good info. I believe its a little to fast. Slow it down and be broken up in to parts.

  16. More from you! I don't like the other guys as much as they are a bit hard to understand. You're concise and show the different possibilities.

  17. What if black plays e4 before c4? Then e5 attacking the knight?

  18. lol… I played the main line all along in many years without knowing this is the king's indian defense…
    am I a genius? hehehe.

  19. Faster or slower? I already have to put the video speed on 75 or 50%. Slower please or drink less expresso. lol

  20. Really it is a great defence for Black and great strategy for Kingside or Queenside Attack.Thank you for publishing this useful opening.

  21. These opening videos you've put up are so well explained. So much better than any other chess opening vids on YouTube

  22. I'm a casual player that just started playing King's Indian defense. Because of information from other people I was always trying to control the middle of the board and getting punished by people that knew how to counter it. I really appreciate you making it clear how a "cramped" or "underdeveloped" black side can be deceptively advantageous. Liked, subscribed. Thanks 🙂

  23. I like the fact that you show it from both black and white's perspectives.

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  26. Extremely good video, no babel gaff, right to the point explaining the King's defense, this video will be the only one I'll keep for my file on this opening. Thank you.

  27. i tried it and won when i first tried it very useful

  28. Clear explanation of the ideas and themes behind the opening – great stuff!

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