Chess Openings: How to Play the Ruy Lopez!

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Here’s another “2-Minute Openings Drill” with IM Rensch, giving you all you need to know about the Ruy Lopez (Spanish) in under 3 minutes. Enjoy and sign up today for more chess videos and lectures by the world’s leading chess instructors.


  1. Videos now (5 hours to explain one single opening) Videos then( explained Ruy Lopez in 2 mins giving us time to study it)

  2. I need this even tho im 1000 elo bc I have to play 1300-1500

  3. Ur not explaining anything for people that dont know this opening. Your just talking like everyone knows what ur talking about plus ur talking fast as hell i could bearly keep with you talking dawg. Slow it down whats the rush?

  4. yeah informative.. but im always stuck with weird variations my opponents play -_- and a little too fast there xD caffeinated much? lol

  5. I agree with other comments. it is nice but too fast.

  6. @jeffsauceda I agree with jeff, when I play vs. my friends they always change what they SHOULD do by 7th or 8th move. they end up trading off pawns with me and I'm forced to retake, in which the game gets completely messed up.

  7. Excellent, chess dot com – back to the basics again and well done!
    For those wishing it was not a 'quick lesson', I don't intend to be smart, however I believe, squeeze as much into these as possible and YouTube has the cool 'replay' as much as I like until I understand whatever the video is about button ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Hey All — Sorry if it was a little too fast, but that was exactly what we were intending. Up tempo, quick, and fun! Hopefully for those really trying to memorize the moves, watching the video a few times shouldn't hurt (as it's only 2.5 minutes). More coming in these series, and please keep the feedback coming!

  9. These are great, but I still suck at chess after 40 years.

  10. @jeffsauceda lol! i've been teaching chess for 3 years now and i've got a lot of respect for danny, and he's very well respected back in arizona where his company, ace chess, is. i think his videos are very well broken up and put togehter well. i recommend watching the more basic videos he's done first. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. WOW THANKS IM! I've tried this alot with 1200-1300's and I haven't had much luck, but thanks to you I my mind has grown. Some say that this is a bit short, but its amazing how you showed variations and ways to play. Thanks!

  12. Ha, I don't know why but I think of Daniel Rensch as the bad-boy of chess.

  13. Awesome, I know this opening well but it is very helpful to see it summed up so nicely in a fast efficient manner. TY for this!

  14. Can this video be redone? 2 minutes its really just not enough.

  15. Very nice, exactly what I was looking for. Fast and to the point. Great for learning the basics of the openings.

  16. Im proud of myself today, I played the zaitsev variation today after running the main line twice. I also learned that I need to improve on my middle game

  17. The Ruy Lopez is my favorite opening. Thanks Daniel!

  18. at 1:41 why not move knight to g5 to begin with check?

  19. Totally lost by 1:36 way too fast for a novice, can you recommend any books or other tutorials?

  20. indeed it was too fast watch the video again or go find another ruy lopez video

  21. Fast is good. If I need more time to learn it, I'll watch it again. If it's one I know, just hearing the main ideas presented quickly is much better. I dislike listening to a slow lecture on a topic I may know about.

  22. Well spoken about the moves y'all done y'all homework

  23. My strongest opening, although I tend to blunder at least once in the middle game. I barely ever lose the whole game (meaning disadvantages the whole game) with the Ruy Lopez. Thank you!

  24. too fast ._. 30 sec- 1 minute more would be better

  25. 1:00 why wouldn't the Knight take the pawn? He could move his bishop with his next move…

  26. Way too fast. Although it is possible to watch this video many times, I think most people would rather watch it only once, which would be at a slower, easier to follow pace.

  27. Ever since watching Daniel being cheerful commentating games, it feels awkward listening to him with the serious tone

  28. Weird seeing Danny with that amount of hair

  29. I was following this on a chessboard, I get stumped on 1.e4 openings so I'll aim to develop my understanding of this to add to my opening repetoire

  30. Only 35 comments and the video is 11 years old. Let me fix that. (36th comment)

  31. I'm guessing this was recommended to me today because I consume too much chess

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