Chess Openings: How to Play the Sicilian Defense

IM David Pruess gives an overview the Sicilian Defenser: the most popular answer to 1. e4! The focus of this video is not on the “Open Sicilian” lines, but rather on everything else. Enjoy!

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  1. love the scilian, its damn near unstoppable once white has fallen in the trap

  2. My opponent always plays C4 after I play C5. Is this a weak move? Any way to exploit it?

  3. What's a good chess engine that I could use?

  4. Why you dont turn the board if im playing black?


  6. What about 3. Bc4? I get this a lot when I play the Sicilian as Black.

  7. i dont have this piece style, can i still play the sicilian ?

  8. Thanks!I'm starting to win way more games as black using the sicilian defense.Can u pls make a video about what to do if the opponents doesn't accept the danish gambit?

  9. Terrible explanation…You didn't even give yourself the trouble to turn the board, as Sicilain defense is played as blacks..

  10. I love how you always summarize these complex openings that take 30 min – 3 hours to master into short 5 minute videos.

  11. p p p pink wig thick ass give them whiplash says:

    yasss queen's gambit

  12. ok, as white, i get the first 2 moves. then what? :))

  13. this video should be called " how to defend against the sicilian

  14. Dang Queen's Gambit for making me interested in chess again

  15. People finding out that the Queen’s Gambit is based on a real game… 🤦‍♂️

  16. Who is here cuz The queen's gambit series???

  17. You're all talking about queens gambit, why is nobody here from the princess bride

  18. One episode into the Queens Gambit and I'm back on to the VR Chess app with Samsung.

  19. Today I countered the sicilian by advancing my king's pawn to E6 which isn't among the choices here. Which wasn't my intention it's just unnecessary to my favorite attack, against which the sicilian apparently is useless. Let me put it this way, everyone's talking about controlling the center when the other end of the board is the endzone.

  20. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. I usually open with queen's pawn and move to control the center whole tucking my king away. Works best for me.

  22. I play D4, and after pawn takes, I take back with queen, then black usually threatens queen with knight, then move back one square.

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