Chess openings – Queen’s gambit accepted

Chess openings – Queen’s gambit
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  1. I just like so much your videos, they are easy to follow and so instructive, keep the good work!!

  2. @4:00 wouldn't it be stronger to trade Queens for black, before capturing the pawn on c5? If black goes for the symmetrical variation, white can take away his castling rights, yeah? And black can avoid this while also doing the same to white by just trading Queens first?

  3. With Queens gambit accepted, why not move the bishop to E6?

  4. On 4:06 isn't better for black to trade off queens so white cannot castle in future ?

  5. You have some of the better commentary and explanations on YouTube man, subscribe.

    Seriously, I clicked over from a gentleman who's audio sounded as if he had indeed mistook his mic for a breathing apparatus of some kind. I really want to make this point stick here… the guy made Darth Vader' s breathing seem subtle.

  6. Watched this video about a year ago. A friend and I practiced trying to hold on tho pawn in almost blitz speed games lol. It helped to see the ideas of why have to give back and how to punish a player who does not give back in a good time.

  7. Sir ,ur videos r great .I won state level last year in sub junior and this year I recently won zonal level in junior. Thanx for ur videos

  8. 10:27 how about queen takes queen on d1, Rookie captures d1, then black recaptures bishops takes c5

  9. Dereque is the only consistently good opening YouTuber for me. Doesn't go too far down inferior lines, expands on alternate possibilities, talks about thematic elements instead of pushing rote memorization.

    Thank you!

  10. If i want to have a quick overview over a new opening i always ALWAYS look for your videos! They are very accurate. But what i like also: The view out of your window! Nice! Where is it? Which town?

  11. This video is great. Easy to understand.

  12. I'm getting back into chess after a 30 year hiatus. I'm enjoying you!

  13. At 10:30 why wouldnt black trade queens first and then take the pawn with his bishop? Same end but he keeps his right to castle but maybe Im missing something

  14. Nice video. Thanks. Subtitle text is very annoying and needs a cross in top corner to allow to close this dialogue box

  15. thanks for isolating the queen's gambit accepted and going down further with all the variations. i was really losing focus when the instruction is going back and for between accepted and declined.

  16. First time watching your videos. I very much enjoyed it. Thanks!

  17. Dereque is such a great teacher. Easy to follow. But I have to say, his smile and upbeat voice is distracting me constantly because it causes me to unconsciously to imitate him by smiling.

  18. My 3rd move usually is bishop f4 putting my darksquared bishop in the game before playing e3 but I don’t know if it’s bad or not

  19. Hi Dereque, Big fan of your apps. But I dont think QGA is currently out there as an app? Is it maybe in the plans? All the Best!

  20. I liked how he executed his central thrust UwU

  21. If black use be6 then what will you going to do ?

  22. Dereque you are a chess philosopher! You belong somewhere there with Socrates!

  23. I generally played the Albin whatever defense against the Queen's gambit. Thanks for the ideas.
    I don't know if you receive some sort of financial compensation for this, but you're doing a lot for a lot of people.
    It's not only the chess aspect but other things as well.

  24. At point 4:00, is'nt this a bad move because QXQ?
    Correct me if I'm wrong. At point 3:54 you move the black pawn to c5. At point 4:20, the black pawn c5 takes the pawn at d4. The black pawn has moved two times in a row.

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  26. At 3:33, after white pawn takes on c5, why wouldn't black trade queens, and remove White's right to castle?

  27. Forgot how good picture quality was a decade ago! Nice video

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