Chess Openings- Reti Opening

The Reti Opening is a very flexible chess opening that can transpire into other common openings for white. Instead of controlling the center with pawns, white looks to use his minor pieces to put pressure on the center.

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  1. Nf6 is the best move for black against the Nf3 opening.

  2. You really should address 1. Nf3 Nf6 because that is the very best response by black. I am disappointed that you did not address that.

  3. I like when it transposes into the Sicilian with c5 e4

  4. My Favorite opening, you are spoilt for choice

  5. sorry, but what means "fencheto your bishop" ?

  6. Hey Kevin, can you do a video both on the black lion and kings fianchetto?

  7. Q: what happens if black does take pawn C4 and when we try to attack with bishop they defend with B5?

  8. who here is coming from The Queen's Gambit 🙌🙌

  9. Thank you recommended, i have never played chess in my life.

  10. Enjoyed seeing Beth Harmon go at this in the Queen's Gambit! Glad to understand it now.

  11. I gotta say your horse looks very feminine looking, not really a knight., looks like a very feminine flirtatious creature

  12. Kings indian attack!! Seems like my style

  13. I don't really consider this an opening in the traditional sense. 1.Nf3 usually leads to something that has a much more well known name; like the Queen's Gambit, Catalan, English or Kings Indian Attack. To me, 1.Nf3 is just a way of being coy and noncommittal. It might have some psychological impact on your opponent because of that.

  14. i was 2 youars old when this video was uploadet and now im lerning it

  15. Thank u I enjoyed it I like know also interesting opening The Bojo Indian Defense.

  16. Kinda funny to see all the comments from the uploader everywhere now because 12 years back YouTube had no response system yet.

  17. This whole time I thought it was "The ready opening"

  18. If I’m black and the reti open any recommended strategies for defense?

  19. The very starting music sounds like Halloween soundtrack

  20. Thanks for this video. Very instructive. Could you also cover lines where Black responds to 1. Nf3 with 2.c5 (Sicilian invitation)

  21. My opening move when I’m playing white is literally the start of this opening

  22. Dislike. The name of the video is in Russian and the comment in another language. Greetings from Poland.

  23. Can you do a grunfeld setup for white video?

  24. I love it when you play so many games you figure out the openings yourself 💯💯💯 i okay this alot and now here I am lol

  25. Really thought it was called the ready lmao

  26. How do you study openings. I honestly don’t know where to start.

  27. After black takes the C pawn i just go for Nc3, developing the knight, controlling the center and preventing black to protect his pawn in C4 with B5. i think the AI does the same thing

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