Chess openings – Scandinavian Defence

Chess openings – Scandinavian Defence
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  1. dont think ive ever heard a tempo referred tobas juicy before. love it!

  2. Yeah, nice videos. I like how easily I can understand what you're saying. Good job and thank you.

  3. Hi Dereque! Your youtube material has been a huge influence on my game. Even the videos on openings that I don't currently use have helped me to think about the game and the opening in ways that I previously did not.

    I think that there is quite a bit more Scandinavian material that could be covered if you ever do make more opening videos. I've noticed that almost all youtube content covers 3… Qa5 and sometimes 2… Nf6, but only mentions 3… Qd6 as an interesting alternative and never even bothers with 3… Qd8 at all, despite the fact that both are completely viable and possibly even better choices! In any case, the character of the game is completely different if white isn't using Bd2 to threaten d4-d5.

    There are even numerous other lines than 3. Nc3, where white seems to acknowledge that the blocked c-pawn represents adequate compensation for the tempo, and play revolves around white's quest to play c4 before Nc3 under advantageous circumstances, where Black must play very vigorously to avoid being overrun. For instance, after 3. Nf3, 3… Bg4 4.Be2 Nc6 5.d4 O‑O‑O is almost the main line in most databases, and Black has a fine evaluation and score from that position.

    Again, thanks for making this channel. Cheers,

  4. 3:44 what if Qe6 or Qe5? I always get checked here and end up getting material picked off and or pinned by the queen early. How do I counter this?

  5. vira el tablero primero antes de explicar naDA

  6. You should make a video covering the Icelandic Gambit (1. e4 d5 2. exd5 Nf6 3. c4 e6).

  7. I love your explanations! By far the best chess opening tutorials!

  8. In the variation where black plays Nd7 to block the check from Bb5 – can't Black just capture the knight on d5 with the knight instead of the pawn? Love you'r videoes by the Way!

  9. I know a lot of people say this, but ypur videos are the best. Every time i am looking for an opening, i go to your channel first to see if theres a vid about it, and only after it i check the internet. Keep uploading good opening videos and variations.

  10. The Scandinavian always seemed like a waste of time for an opening

  11. eager to Qd6 variation in scandinavian Defence

  12. Great video. Great initiative. Please keep them coming!

  13. Morsalin আরব দেশের পর্বগুলো অনেক ভালো লাগে Hossin says:

    very nic solution

  14. 06:55 if he plays this move Bg4 one move earlier (without c6), is it also ok to reply h3 and g4 then? in this position, the tactic with Ne5 works- that's no question. but could this have any long-term consequences, which a beginner might miss? you can also understand this as a general question: how careful do I have to be with converting theory in chess?

  15. Sir can u teach one bishop and night checkmate plz

  16. Hello brother , there's a wrong in 8.Qe2 + d5 at the same time, when you explain the idea of d5 you didn't make the move 8…Bb4

  17. I find it more strategic whenever I move e4 and my opponent plays the Scandinavian defense d5, to just simply advance my pond to e5.

  18. Your Amazing ive learnt so much from you please keep doing more of this : )

  19. At 9:05, doesn't moving the queen drop c2? I can't see how white could punish Bxc2 :/ I'm probably overlooking something.

    EDIT: I was! The answer to my question is d5 !! completely overlooked that.

  20. Hi dereque, I like that you objectively analyze openings. I was wondering what is your preference for black against 1.e4

  21. in this video show disadventages of scandinavian defence and why we should not choose it

  22. You're very knowledgeable but you're all over the place! I couldn't keep up with you it's just too much for some 1 like myself who is novice in chest! You're talking as if we're all on your level of chess! If you would learn to take your time and talk in an novice way but still come across in an advanced way I would give this video a thumbs up! You're very knowledgeable but my only critic of you is it's too much all at once!

  23. It would be nice to explain a idea of aggressive way in Portuguese Gambit. Thanks.

  24. It seems like this opening is bad for black… I don't understand why someone would want to play it.

  25. I've been using a kamikaze variation of the Scandinavian with the Queen to e5 after taking pawn. It generally creates awkward position for white and allows black to develop and position for a kingside attack. Anyone familiar with this variation?

  26. In my opinion, this defense is 100% losing for Black unless Black plays the Icelandic Gambit. There's just no other way to turn the offered Queen's pawn into an advantage, it only makes sense to aim for quick development, and the knight and bishop combination in the Icelandic Gambit is absolutely deadly.

  27. At 7:05, is there a reason why the he doesn't retreat to f5? Or xf3?

  28. Excellent video, thanks. There's only so much one can cover in one video, so I'd like to see more on this. The option of taking w/ queen then moving the black queen to a5 seems aggressive but fraught with traps. I prefer a solider position as black. So I'd like to see an exploration of other lines like Nc6.
    ps. For those who say the Scandinavian is not sound and isn't played at the highest levels much, I say: "thanks. I'll stop playing it when I end up facing a lot of IMs." When playing lower rated players, it is a good strategy for breaking them out of their opening book.

  29. Good and Brief explaination. What about gambit variation ?

  30. Thanks for the video, but it seems to me, as a lowly 1400 rated player, that you have shown that this defence is utterly unplayable for black!! Yet, it is played at master level, so surely, there are some lines that do not lead to such a debacle for black?!!

  31. One of the reasons I chose this video is because you spelled "defence" properly 🙂

    Other than that, nice video! Just terribly lost a game as black with the Scandinavian, learned a lot from this video

  32. Don't queenside castle when black's bishop and queen are pinning your knight @9:15. Black gains a significant attack. They take the knight and if you take back bxc3, they jump in with Ke4, white defends with Bd2 and then they will pile in with pawn to b5, Qa3, a5-a6. and it's basically lights out. Even when White can manage to get Black's pieces away from the king, the pawn storm generates too much pressure.

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