Chess Openings: The Pirc Defense

In the Pirc Defense, black tries to defend the center with this minor pieces. This chess strategy is considered a hypermodern opening. After fianchettoeing his bishop to g7, black looks to control the dark squares in the middle while still allowing his light square bishop a great diagonal to develop. If black is not careful white can put lots of pressure on the kingside of black, limiting the development of black’s pieces. Black must counterattack to put up a fight.

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  1. Noobie question here, but at 5:05, after knight to c6, wouldn't white just attack it with pawn to d5?

  2. After pinning the knight at 5:20, why doesn't white respond with pawn to h3?

  3. I love fan-chettoing my biship in the perk defense

  4. Isn't this similar to modern defense ?

  5. And it’s pronounce FianKhietto. “CH” in Italian is pronounced K. Good video

  6. I used this on my undefeated classmate at chess and I defeated him hahahha

  7. Online if under 1500 throw this opening out 9 out of 10 games my opponent pushed e5 on move 3

  8. It's the king's indian defense against e-4

  9. Thanks! This is great was looking for a black opening/defence for e4, d4

  10. i have watched seven argresive opening a million times any suggestions for black

  11. I thought I was doing king's indian all along

  12. what is diference between this and kings indian ? lol

  13. What is the difference bw this and kings indian?

  14. Can i ask the difference between pirc defense to kings indian?

  15. Just came from your video on the dutch defence. Cool to see that you're still posting content all these years later!

  16. How can i see a good (preferably annotated) game that starts with pic defense?

  17. What if they push e5 early after d5?

    Does the horse go back in the box?

  18. nice vid man, the only problem is that ur PC looks like its about to blow up

  19. i've been doing this all along thinking it's the king's indian defense.

  20. The Pirc Defence (/pɪərts/ peerts, though often mispronounced as /pɜːrk/ purk) is an awesome defense, when executed correctly 🙂 just sharing my experience with it; while sharing knowledge on pronouncing it correctly. 😎 🖤😊 In Chess, we never Lose, just learn.

  21. Hi Kevin, The Pirc is a Defense we would like to see in more continued detail. As an example, opening with the first pawn move as in the Sicilian then driving home the benefits of Pirc / Hyper Modern. Please, could you provide us something a little deeper on this specific theme. Blessings Kevin & thank you so much from this Major Fan. I'm often Sharing your fine work & would be se deeply grateful for a full response here. … Mike.

  22. I have been moving pawn c7 to c6, Queen to d8 to a5 (white not castled) in videos they say mostly white Knight defends c3 but I have found white bishop to d2 is more common. At this point how can I develop the attack or should I leave the white piece pinned? Thanks, I only started playing recently so apologise for bad explanation.

  23. I never see "normal" responses by white. I always see pawn to H2 to kick the bishop out of G4

  24. with the nc3 variation instead of nf6 do nd7 and then opponent moves pretty much anywhere and u play nb6 it looks funny as heck but sometimes opponent will play bc4 by mistake because that's a common place to put the bishop and then just nxb game over… haha I should explain by stating this is a 1 0 cheapo and not to really chess! If white doesn't blindly just give away that bishop by moving it under a threatened square by the nb6 knight any reasonable move gives his side way too much positional compensation. At least under best play. Remember, when your opponent doen't make the best move your automatic response shouldn't be to reciprocate in kind. You need to punish him mercilessly for it! THINK!

  25. i know this is an old video but Pirc is pronounced Peerts and fianchetto has a hard k sound

  26. Just had one of my best game against someone who use this defense.

  27. Pronounced wrong. You pronounce it as Peerts/Pirts defense. Not perk.

  28. I've been practicing this one for the past week or so and it's a lot of fun. This video really helps!

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