Chess Pro Explains How to Spot Cheaters (ft. GothamChess) | WIRED

“Only a bot would play that!” Sacrificing a Queen in chess is a move you’re much more likely to see a bot make as opposed to a human, as humans want to protect the game’s most valuable piece. In the wake of the recent chess cheating scandal, Levy Rozman from GothamChess explains how you actually cheat at chess. Using artificial intelligence, see how people use everything from bathroom cell phones to ear pieces to try to skirt the rules and gain an edge.

Check out Levy’s YouTube channel:

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  1. Thank you for these strategies. I just won my local chess tournament!

  2. I've made "AI moves" before, sacrificing my queen or rook for checkmate, but they were only a flash of genius during one of "those" games, and I'm still sitting at 700 elo with 49% winrate.

  3. I've seen similar things a lot on even 900 1000. It's like i refuse to believe that they're at that level. Why do some players at 1200 play way worse?

  4. If someone is cheating online at my rating they are terrible at chess AND cheating.

  5. Here in brasil exist a famous youtuber that just used cheat in chess (he is the second or third most famous) and thats embarassing

  6. Chess cheaters are not using AI. Just algorithms.

  7. I’m extremely robotic in life. Reasons why I build systems, process and SOP’s for agencies. Lol. I only see the best outcome without any emotions.

    And all of that spills over into my play, “in person.” I don’t play online or digital. Never have. But I’ll give up any piece for the win if it means the win for my system.

    But just analysis dude. I dig it.

  8. I used engine moves moves upto maximum 5 times a game and reached 1100 elo but it stopped my growth now I am 850 elo on my own.

  9. Levy was holding the urge to scream THE QUEEN

  10. Literally, the first example shown any high-rated player could spot. It's not that complicated of a Queen sacrifice. White has aggressively placed bishop pairs and Black's King is exposed. Maybe in a blitz game that might be difficult, but even in a rapid game that isn't that hard to spot. Honestly, if that were a puzzle it would be around 1900-2000 rated puzzle, which really isn't that high.

  11. Qd5 is not unseeable. I (2000 uscf) would have a very good chance of spotting that in a classical game, and titled players could definitely spot that in a blitz game

  12. It should be possible to make the entire tournament room a faraday cage/SCIF. Just metal mesh in the walls would eliminate the ability to contact accomplices over the internet. Then banning all cell phones in the room would get you 99% there. Finally, have a spectrum analyzer in the room to detect all RF signals in the room.

    What bothers me overall about this is the potential of false accusations. It's going to scare people into playing differently than they would otherwise. It stifles free thinking.

  13. None of these chess engines are AI. The best chess engines in the world are not AI-based.

  14. What a Buzzzzz brilliant BZZZZ move by Niemann

  15. Sacrificing two major pieces to set up for a checkmate like that with several moves of planning isn't normal for humans, but I'd argue that the queen sacrifice for a double bishop checkmate is something a normal human would spot.

  16. I am cheating by using my phone Player vs computer. I will simply play the color of my opponent on my phone and imitate the moves of the computer on my desktop hahahaha

  17. Imagine a chess engine looking for multiple ways to kill you in real life.

  18. The first qeen sacrifice is cap because black can defend with the bishop and then when white takes the bishop it is check mate know

  19. i thought the knight and queen sacrifice at the end was in line with what a pro chess player might do, is that move sequence really so unrealistic? could magnus not see that opportunity?

  20. It seems to me that "Semi cheating" becomes more and more popular. I had a lot of players who played their opening like total beginners. In the middle game, all of a sudden, they play waaaayyyyy better than me, but only in critical situations they always seem to find the best move and when it comes to the endgame we don´t need to talk about how they kill me every time. and before anyone says anything, i am not that good. i win regularly against 1900- 2000 engines, but when i play online chess against 1600-1700 players i barely have a chance of winning. and it happens a lot

  21. LOL i sacrifice queen all the time. STFU, those moves aren't cheating !

  22. The queen sacrifice for a checkmate seems possible for humans too. I've heard off chess masters sacrificing lots of pieces for a really epic checkmate.

  23. Whilst I wouldn't have seen it, I don't think that queen to D5 was that obscene of a move. I know it's an example, but it's just a couple of moves.

  24. Disagree. Checkmate in 2 moves with a queen sacrifice? Every chess pro is going to play that. If you aren't looking for checkmate in 2 moves, you aren't a chess pro.

  25. The piece is connected to a magnetic field? lol, this is the Levy syndrome, he's so used to talking to dumb viewers that he starts lecturing about stuff he himself doesn't understand.

  26. I cheat in online chess because I'm bored and insecure

  27. i was training a specific queen gambit yesterday, my opponent followed all the moves I had in mind, I reacted super fast, and asked me if I was cheating lmao…he just saw later that I only had the advantage at beggining

  28. Every game I’ve played there has been cheapers

  29. I'm a complete beginner and I just had a match (600 elo) where my opponent got an accuracy rating of 99.6%

    This thumbnail made me feel vindicated.

  30. Not going to lie that first queen sacrifice didn’t look too difficult for a human to imagine


  32. whats the purpose of cheating in chess? you will never be good in chess anyway in real life when you cheat, who are you kidding?

  33. They didn't include Hikaru looking at Stockfish on the ceiling

  34. The first 10 seconds of this vid finally made clear to me why my father constantly gets accused of cheating when he plays online…

    If you think only a bot would sacrifice a Queen for a checkmate, then you simply haven’t met my father around the Washington Square Park in NYC yet. Baiting people with high value pieces into a mate that they never seem to see, using less valuable pieces is literally his whole MO, I shyt you not…

  35. There are some extensions on google which are like the analysis board cheat

  36. I feel like sacrificing the Queen for an obvious checkmate isnt so insane of an idea…

  37. feel like literally any move for a mate in 2 or 3 is pretty human

  38. that queen move wasn't that hard i believe, tal used to play like that all the time

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