CHESS STEPS #3 (1000-1400)

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Welcome to the Chess Steps Series, where I teach you various concepts on your road to being a superstar chess genius. This is Episode 3.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Game 1 vs 1032
15:41 Win in 4 moves
32:58 Game 3 vs 1300?
48:56 Game 4 vs 1223

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  1. At 10:13 wouldnt bishop to A6 win the queen?
    I know you said you wouldnt play all the best moves but why didnt you mention it in the video?

  2. 10:00 Rh8-h7, queen is trapped, best move woul be to take this rook

  3. 56:57 you're right I saw the move instantly with the same reasoning. I saw this move as I was not 1200, but instead, 1000 rapid (my blitz is even worse).
    I mean, it comes naturally if you think about preventing the fork and any thought 1 move ahead would make it pretty clear to do it. Though, to be entirely fair, not everyone thinks about pins that deeply like I do from having my pieces pinned repeatedly.

  4. The 1000 game is similar to how my games go when I'm doing well and not blundering which gives me confidence I could reach such a level, I learned chess as a child and only started playing again last week when I downloaded the app and my rapid is 305 ish. I've got a lot to learn.

  5. Can someone explain to me why moving the queen was a losing move in the first 1400 game?

  6. As a 1000 I hope I gain 400 Elo from watching this

  7. 57:00 "i feel like no human being sees this move" me- lets give a check to get out of the situation

  8. Casually sipping a glass bottle of soda

  9. I ve tried the Botez gambit few times, my opponent was very happy

  10. I just upped from 1000 to 1400 in 3.5 months! Feeling pretty happy!

  11. My 900 opponents force checkmating in 5…

  12. "If you see this move at this level, report them for cheating."

    -What if I'm a really good player who's been playing for years in a club, but never online?

    -What if I'm a really good online player, but I lost my account/password and I'm starting from scratch on a new account?

    Pls I don't want to get reported 😉

  13. at 7:23 could you also play knight to e7? your pawns on c6 and a6 are safe then

  14. Levy without you i might not be playing chess to this day😂you make it seem so much less stressful than it is

  15. 43:35 why not push the e6 pawn to e5 and then get rid of the stacked pawns?

  16. My 800 rated player far better than 1000 your opponents

  17. only just discovered you, an old guy relearning, keeping my brain active, commentary is fantastic, thanks so much

  18. So good episode very instructive thx u alot ❤ watch ur 3 episode so far and i learned ao much

  19. levy, at 41:48 you missed mate in 2. Rook to H2 check and their rook has to take on H2 then queen to G2 is mate. I'm just a measly 1100, but it's cool to see these things because of Levy's teachings. Thanks, GOAT.

  20. levy when the 2800 episode comes out:
    “but what do i know, i’m a 2800 right so i’ll just take this piece”

  21. Man this series is so fun to watch

  22. Man The 1000's I play against almost never blunder and barely make mistakes.

  23. Bishop G5 said a thousand times annoyed me

  24. 1400 level opponents that does that and report them for cheating, I had 900 level opponents that did that way back when

  25. Chess noob here. Can someone please breakdown how the four moves guy actually "lost"? Is it just that he's losing a bishop and at this level that's critical?

  26. That first game was a terrible anti london.

  27. the opponents final move in the 4-move game rescued the situation didn't it? if knight takes bishop, then queen takes queen. levy needs to protect the queen and then black can move the bishop to safety, no…?

  28. Hello GothamChess, I'm learning a lot watching your videos, thanks!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

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