Chess trap that every beginner should know2! @beginnerchessclub #shorts #chess #catur #chesscom

Chess trap that every beginner should know2! By @beginnerchessclub, tiktok :()
#shorts #chess #catur #chesscom #fyp #viral #chesschamp


  1. Do one like this for terrible 400-900 rated players

  2. What happens if he doesn’t take the queen
    And takes your bishop with the pawn

  3. What if the knight on the other side goes first and attack the prawn?

  4. Why would my opponent put his knight which isn't defended next to my king? No one's gonna do that

  5. who the fuck says „other pawn in the center“ just say d4 etc so fucking annoying

  6. Man this doesn’t work I just suck at chess, I do the 250 bot and I always get him to only the king left and it always ends up in a stalemate

  7. I don't know why this opening isn't a book of a move in stockfish's brain. I mean the entire line of Blackburn shilling Gambit is all from the book.

  8. I only just learned how all the different pieces move last night, are you sure this is for beginners?

  9. Why would someone mive their rook right in front of the king to be taken, even if you don't plan to.

  10. What if the opponent is a bigginer too and doesn't go by the plan 🚬😂

  11. It's a good move to know when someone's trying to set it up..but if a player knows the move you'll be losing a queen 👑

  12. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16 from the Bible 💕💕

  13. Ima stay up all night taking notes and use it on my friends

  14. I think in most games the opponents wouldn’t put their kings that far out on the board. That’s just based on my experience

  15. U know you messed up when killing enemies queen is a "blunder"

  16. Ive memorized other traps then hurry to go play so i can use them but my opponents never make the moves needed for me to trap them. These traps only work if ur opponent make those exact moves

  17. After using it many times the ratio for this trick working is 1/10.

  18. This has to be explained alot slower for beginners. I didn't understand a fuckin thing you just said

  19. Me push my center pawn forward

    , my opponent moves knight at the edge 2steps forward


  20. This is a great strategy. Thanks man- you’re the best 👍

  21. He can just eat the bishop instead of moving

  22. Even an idiot will not sacrifice his horse like that 😅

  23. Best chess trap:
    Move your leftmost pawn forward by one then your rightmost pawn forward by one, repeat this and if your opponent falls for it they will move their king directly to a position you can checkmate from

    Sure it requires a tiny bit of luck but it works I promise

  24. You got me in the first half like no he took your queen and then realized that you could do that

  25. Unfortunately this won’t work bc most players won’t go for the queen and rook fork… the knight is unprotected and the king can take

  26. F7 bishop got kicked by a pawn lol king didn't move. This is very beginner.


  28. Oh sure ill leave that attacking bishop unquestioned even though its a free take. Says no one ever.

  29. Watch it carefully. King could kill horse (E3 to C4) but didn’t. If it would, total game would be different

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