Chinese Chess Strategy for Beginner – LESSON 1: Same direction CANON, late CHARIOT

Chinese Chess Strategy for Beginner – LESSON 1: Same direction CANON, late CHARIOT

Hello everybody! Welcome to Learning Chinese Chess Channel !

This is a series about all the Chinese Chess ( Xiangqi) Strategy, Tactics, Opening Moves for beginner. How to play Chinese Chess well.
The Lesson today is about the strategy name: Same direction Canon, late Chariot. One of the best opening moves. I hope you guys can learn a lot through this video.
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  1. Hi there! could you make the videos with western pieces please? Thank you

  2. Thank you for sharing and introducing Chinese chess to westerners! Explain it in English language isn’t easy . And the sentences for the explanation is hard to understand. Even in Chinese itself! 👍👍👍

  3. Thank you for video. It is very interesting.

  4. Damn, I really want to know what happen when the Horse move back at 7:40.

  5. Tôi có thể mua lại kênh của bạn được không zalo 0979742737

  6. Hi. Really good video and explanation. Love the strategy in both attacking and defensive moves. Just to note that you use the term Check Mate when the emperor is being attacked. Check Mate is only used when the emperor is in check and the game is over. Otherwise the correct term is Check when the emperor is being attacked.

  7. however usually when my opponent uses the "Pau" to the center on the first turn i'll use my "Ma" to protect the "Bing" using the pau to move to the center seems like a waste

  8. hi, Tell me what software name you use? Pls, thank you!

  9. This is a robot voice — unlistenable. Get an American or British native speaker to do the voiceover.

  10. I already fail to understand the meanings of the moves after the sixth. Unpleasant English by the way.

  11. Hello! At 6:09, why can't black just take the red horse on the 7th file with its chariot? (Once the red chariot moves from the 7th to the 6th file to launch an attack, but stops protecting the knight)

  12. I kind of feel that you need an even more basic lesson about general principles. I don't really see the point of pushing the pawns to a position beyond the river so they can be captured by the opposing pawn.

  13. I think chinese chess meant that chinese are better at it.

  14. Depiction of a Chinese chess piece as elephant is ludicrously misleading. Asian elephants only live in south and south east Asia. They're good as dead in colder regions, let alone participation in Chinese historical wars. It's just a propaganda that China owns every things great.

  15. I just got into that game. Thanks for the content!

  16. putting the cannon into the middle during the start is a very basic and easily countered move which makes it quite useless. Elephant in the middle is more defensive and can prevent a lot of attacks

  17. I wanted to watch this but cannot deal with computer voices. What is the purpose in that!!?

  18. I know how to play Chinese chess already. But one problem about me is that my opponent just do crazy moves and I got trapped and I got defeated

  19. Bruh I can see the "Mời bạn đánh"

  20. cool but, my friend is not a beginner, he can outsmart all sorts of strategies after 1 use on him and he isnt the "typical chess player" here. not saying ur bad but cool strategy

  21. After watching this, now I know why a level 2 robot could defeat me. It's so hard T^T

  22. Hi I am new to the game. I am confused at 2:52, I read that the horse cannot jump over anything. Is it not blocked?

  23. Wonderful. I love Chinese Chess, too! ❤️

  24. Thanks for the video, but you sound a little too robotic. And it doesn’t really help that you sometimes don’t talk in complete sentences. As a relatively new player to chinese chess, I’m having trouble following what you’re saying.

  25. real chess is soooo ezy comparing to this

  26. Great Video! (Jesimiel Millar Fernåndez) 1M1K387

  27. Good tutorial but wrong term of checkmate. It not checkmate but check only

  28. For me being a Chinese I will actually put the elephant in the middle and the horse on both side then the cannon will go up and go to the left chariot (if you are red) so then you can kill
    The black chariot (if the horse is next to the solider next to the solider and under it you could kill his chariot but then the horse can attack the cannon which is not as important as the chariot then you can maybe use your horse and go to the middle best way is when it is directly kill the king and a chariot is beside so if the king moves it would be destroyed.

  29. Hi I’m from the future HERES an update Finland joined NATO and Chinese chess is Xiang qi now

  30. Well, i just started this game. And it confused me a lot

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