Common Opening Mistakes | Beginner Chess Lesson

In this video, I have a chess lesson with a friend who recently caught the online chess bug. We review some of his recent games and address common opening mistakes along with the potential improvements. Towards the end of the video, we go over some more specific opening strategy that focuses on piece activity and immediately pressuring the opponent’s position. I know this video is targeted for for beginning players, but I hope viewers can find some value in it!

0:00 Intro
1:12 Lesson Begins
2:27 Using’s Study Feature
4:50 Game 1 Review: Opening Principles & Mistakes to Avoid
18:37 Game 2 Review: Addressing Subtle Mistakes
49:18 Game 3 Review: Crazy Play Accidentally Pays Off?!
58:45 Simple & Aggressive Opening Strategy for White

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  2. “you accidentally played a brilliant move…”

  3. Rosen : That was good
    Me "yeah uh huh yeah yeah"
    Rosen: this was not a good move
    Me: "yeah yeah uhhuh"
    Me: "…?".

  4. god I would love some calm coaching like this

  5. 34:21 “you accidentally played a brilliant move there” LOL

  6. For an early payer, a decent strategy is to practice example end games with very limited pieces, then when you play, trade pieces often to move quickly to the end games, where you've spent a lot of time practicing.

  7. Wait if he is a beginner why his score is 1400+, an experienced intermediate player plays in these scores

  8. Around min 55, couldn’t bishop take knight after the check?

  9. lol watched this video, played first game as white an could actually win using the moves at the end – best feeling ever! Thx Eric

  10. this is the best video i've been looking for xD

  11. as a beginner this was very helpful to me, many thanks

  12. Really nice video 🙂 can relate to many problems he was adressing even though sometimes i already am more advanced very interesting opening struggles like the bishop – knight pin is explained thoroughly

  13. very helpful thank you. btw, is that a teenage Seth Rogan?

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  15. Awesome learning. But I feel this guy is a lost cause…

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  17. I'm just glad Seth Rogen is a chess addict ..

  18. Great content Eric, really enjoying your videos, thank you for sharing. You have a great approach and patient character for teaching. I also liked how you didn't rush off at the end, and gave the student some extra time until you felt you had completed the lesson. Respect.

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  20. I'm near 800 rating but can't seem to push further…Any tips on how to improve quickly??

  21. Literally no one in the universe:

    The guy in glasses: "Yeah, yeah!"

  22. Didn't know the guy from incredibles plays chess.

  23. 1100 games in first 5 weeks playing its safe to say I'm addicted. Thanks for your content mate 😉🙌🙏

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  25. Ha just used some tips given and won two games in a row thanks I like watching more advanced chess videos but this was more helpful to me than just being in awe like I am with the other videos

  26. Great idea! I’d like to see more of these. Most chess “players” just play. I personally love the game but have never memorized or studied

  27. I wish people would realize that when someone is talking to you, You don't need to keep saying UmHum, UmHum. Especially on an internet connection. There's a lag and it makes it hard to watch because everyone is stepping over each other. Just SHUT THE FUCK UP and listen.

  28. I am actually a Checkers/ Draughts player, got 3rd in NZ championships in 1992 but I am trying to improve my Chess game. Don't really play chess online but the few times I have played I do fine until I come across the Sicilians Defence, can't deal with the variations in the openings. This is one of the most helpful videos I have seen on YouTube yet. Thank you for posting it!

  29. Someone once spent their first 8 moves against me just moving each of their pawns one square forward. They should have watched a lesson from you lol.

  30. Eric's way of teaching makes it more interesting.

  31. I’m a low 400 rated player and I usually only play for 5 minutes cause I don’t have much time but most players down there are good for being low rated players and always beat me

  32. I wonder how good he is at chess one year later

  33. Would love more content like this! From the beginners out there.

  34. I'm not trying to be rude but what rank is this guy that you're teaching? During this video?

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