CRAZY STALEMATE 🤯 #chess #chesstipsandtricks #chesstiktok #chesstrapsforbeginners #chesstraps

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  1. It's stalemate. When one side's all move is blocked the game result is draw


  3. Is that mean black king can't do anything but just eat White rook and after that white player can't move

    That is what this mean right •~•

  4. داداش سیاه انقد خر نیست دیگه
    بچه بود راحت میبرد کلا بازی دستشه ..چرا رخ رو بیاد الکی فداکنه….دیگه ی چیزی بزار منطقی باشه


  6. King can kill rook what's wrong with this game?😊

  7. he could have win if he took the quen and start killing the pawn but no he stalemate

  8. You have rook for bishop then why you want to do stalemate

  9. Black was completely winning according to stockfish, the blunder was Q×f7

  10. Why wouldn't u take the queen

  11. This is not stalemate king take rook then black can mate by bishop and queen

  12. A lot of 200 ELO comments said that they can beat black in the endgame with rook vs bishop and connected passed pawns 😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Debio de mover al alfin a hake 3 opciones mover la torre, la reina o el rey de todas formas la reina blanca muere por proteger al rey al menos que el rey mueva casilla pero peligra la reina blanca almenos que hagas date una idea de como evitar punto muerto si eres las negras

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