Crush the Sicilian Defense | TRAP For White

Here’s an amazing trap in the Closed Sicilian variation for White!

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  1. i feel like a lot of brilliant moves arent so brilliant anymore

  2. I’d actually like to see how to proceed there as white when I don’t get to move twice in a row there, castling and f4 at the end. Black does get a move after all.

  3. bruh just block the queen with Knight
    I can't see why would u push the pawn

  4. Nf3 first and only after g6 you go Ba4/Bc4 is more meta

  5. Quite far fetched, this 'crushing' of the sicilian defence. Call it a opening trap, and still Black has to play in a very naive way, for it to work.

  6. Ok will try to find weak opening move, thanks.

  7. Ok I’ll bank on me remembering all that and my opponent doing those same exact moves

  8. Is chess even about skill or is it just about learning tactics?

  9. Who would jump a lone Knight to d4 out of the gate

  10. Thing is no ‘good’ sicilian player is going to attack a already defended bishop, and in that position as well

  11. But in higher level, open sacilian is a really good position to play attacking chess by white

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