Deadly Chess TRAP to Win in 7 Moves! [Works up to 2200 ELO]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you a deadly chess opening trap to win in just 7 moves. It is a variation from the Scotch Gambit (from the Scotch Game) which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 exd4 4.Ng5.

The main idea for White is to sacrifice the knight on f7 with Nxf7 and deliver a powerful attack against the Black’s king with Bc4+ followed by Qh5+, planning for a checkmate similar to that of the Scholar’s Mate.

A great thing is that it works even against advanced level players (according to the statistics of games played). It works extremely well till the 2000 rating level and even some players up to the 2200 rating range fall for this trap.

► Chapters

00:00 Chess Trap to Win in 7 Moves
00:09 Scotch Gambit 4.Ng5
03:00 Proof: More than 70% Win Rate
04:44 If Black plays Ke7
06:37 Stockfish says Black wins??
07:58 If Black plays Be7, not h6

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  1. I tried this, but as soon as I played Ng5, my opponent played d5—preventing the bishop move and leaving the knight looking silly. OK, I was playing against a program and that’s not what the plan is intended for; but it seems to me that d5 is not such a hard move to find in this situation. It helps Black to develop his pieces. The fact that it prevents Bc4 is a bonus from Black's point of view.

  2. what do we do if they do pawn to f6 instead of h6?

  3. Bro my opponents too stupid to fall into this trap

  4. I played this agianst a 1500 rated bot and it simply blocked my bishop with the queens pawn…i guess the algorithm must now this move 😂

  5. 0:59 False. If black does nothing you are not going to play anything. You are going to win on time. My inner Tarrasch says to play d5, and apparently Mr. S. Fish agrees.

  6. This is very obviously the infamous "Horsey Gambit"

  7. I propose we call this the Scotch Gambit, Vodka variation, in honor of Russian GM Igor Smirnov.

  8. It's really easy to defend, actually. Just check the white king with the bishop, use the extra time to defend with the queen, and the entire attack falls apart. Maybe this works in blitz games against players under 1100, but to say this works up to 2000 is just untrue, particularly in rapid or longer.

  9. Tried it in 3 games. Didn't work a single time.

  10. I think that "the fried scotch attack" would be a cool name.

  11. What if after Bf7 and Bc4 black plays Kf8? There seems to be no good follow up attack and black fortifies with moves like Kf6 easily

  12. I tried this gambit, play went like: 6. Bc4+ d5 7. Bxd5 Be6, I wasn't sure how to proceed and managed to loose the game. Any suggestions?

  13. What if your opponent plays pawn to f6 when you play your knight on g5?

  14. its ok, bt my opponent actually does other things than in this video and knows how to defend against it

  15. what if black plays pawn f6 on the fourth move attacking my knight?

  16. I tried this with lower rated players multiple times and it doesn't work. On move 6, they often play …Kf8. After I play Qh5, they reply with Qe8 and there is no follow up. White is lost.
    Sorry but this gambit doesn't work.

  17. What if black plays pawn to f6 after knight to g5

  18. btw the way for black to defend on 8:55 is to play Bb4+ if anyone's wondering 😂

  19. Kind a want to call it the "troyan horse" 😎

  20. Try " Scotch gambit : king hunt variation "

  21. The possibilty of checkmate with a pawn and casttling mate? sign me in

  22. Here's my recommendation: This should be called the Scotch Liver Attack

  23. Should be called the 'Whiskey Gambit' because it is the Scotch Game.

  24. Its common knowledge now. No one is falling for this trap anymore. Thanks for the video though.

  25. I love all the content you put out and i command you for it.
    it helped me a lot.
    This new video on scotch trap on move 4 Ng5- Be7 5 Nf7 Kf7 6 Bc4 ch Ke8 7 Qh5 ch g6 8 Qd5 is met with Bb4 ch.
    and black is better.

  26. I did an experiment and tried this in every game if I played with white pieces. It took me exactly 80 blitz games to get the knight sac, bishop check and king e8 forced checkmate. So 40 ish games as white. So don't expect to get this work in every game because of course many people play different openings. I got only one other game before the succeeded 80th game where my opponent played h6 attacking the knight but after sac and bishop check he played king e7 instead of e8. After all this is pretty fun trap to try. Oh and my blitz rating has been around 800 during the run.

  27. how about "crazy horse" as a name for this?

  28. I think it should be called the "plunger gambit" because it reminds me of plunging shit out of a toilet

  29. instead of g6 if he play f6 then what will I do

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