EASY Chess Opening


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  1. pls don‘t teach london to newbies, it‘s so annoying to play against 🥲

  2. don't play the london system it's cursed

  3. I've been trying to learn chess you make it so easy

  4. Where's the lesson ? I didn't learn anything just a sequence of moves instead of the ideas

  5. Sacrifice your rooks in the new York defense

  6. Noooooooooooo.

    You were the chosen one, you were meant to destroy the London system not teach people how to play it

  7. And don't be afraid of black going c4 with his pawn and kicking your bishop away. You then go to c2 and the engine says it's good for white.

  8. London system because they couldn’t get Pyramides in de museum

  9. Me playing chess
    pulls out phone
    What I can't remember this

  10. Pls do checkmate lesson or not ending in stellmeat

  11. I mean its just a prabability….. What is them move the queen or king to attack the king, the we have to defend and all these ain't possible

  12. i already know that i see that on top chess this channel is is going viral with the pyramid

  13. meanwhile:
    2. h5: I’m boutta end this mans whole career

  14. Me following the plan tricks
    My enemy makes a different move

  15. I did that now idk what to do after that

  16. me: *drops phone*
    iphone: omg you got in a car crash I'm calling the ambulance

  17. Why british are bad at chess ?
    Because they lost theyr queen

  18. How do you let the rooks out this way?

    I am a chess noob pls go easy on me

  19. Ehh. I've been doing this. Not knowing it was a system. I was trying develop and stop ridiculous queen attacks

  20. Damn, maybe there's an Imperial Japanese System where you sacrifice everything for the king yet, you still win by Mathe check 😐

  21. 30 seconds chess lesson you ready here we go slaps the hell out of my face

  22. Chess as emojis

  23. I tried this, I kid you not, i got checkmated in 6 moves.

  24. Finally a video that doesn't taste rabbits and actually teaches you something congratulations

  25. No more zooming, makes it hard to understand.

  26. Small tip: if you want to make realistic London system just sacrifice the queen

  27. I used to play London opening but my dark bishop always in trouble, .

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