EASY Chess Trap!

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  1. I played this trap but I moved my knight to the wrong place😂😂😂😂 but I forced a dra

  2. Why don't activate the trap when the bishop is g3'

  3. Why would he move pon to d6? Makes no sense

  4. See this is why i’m still bad at chess ! Because i would never sacrifice my queen 😭

  5. What if they take with the knight on e5 instead of the pawn?

  6. When you move knight f3 to e5 then bishop fucks your Queen

  7. but after the knight takes that pawn and they take our knight and we take their bishop, aren't they gonna take our unprotected bishop on C4?

  8. After i play bishop to c4 if he plays pawn to d6 then he the dumbest chess player alive😅

  9. The counterattack for this better be named "Illegal Counterattack"

  10. What happens after Bh5, Nxe5, and Nxe5 as it's attacking the protection less😏 bishop

  11. If black knight captures white knight, then white queen can capture the black bispot.


    the white bishop is hanging

  12. I sacrified my king instead of my queen🥺

  13. They moved their damn pawn to C5 instead of E5

  14. I feel like 99.9999 percent of the time people are gonna develop there other knight instead of the bishop especially after you just developed your knight most people copy

  15. What if my opponent goes pawn to f6 instead of knight to c6.😅

  16. Please tell if someone attacked like this how can we defend ourselves

  17. The fried Liver dumpling trap! or the Elephant poop part

  18. I can beat ai and online in 5 moves sometimes the online people know my moves

  19. You play e4
    They don't play e5

  20. but what if my opponent doesnt do this bad move?

  21. I hate when people try to do early game checkmates. Like it feels like they don't want to play chess. If its in a tournament its one thing, but either way it feels cheap.

  22. I just realised gotham chess wears the same shirt everyday

  23. 😢 these traps , they won't make you use your brain play a normal game!!

  24. As if they'd do the exact same moves the black king did

  25. I tried it but instead he move his pawn he moved his knight now the trap is ruined

  26. Why do you need h3? Doesn't it work just as well while the Bishop is on g4?

  27. i wanna know why someone would ever do pawn d6 in that move. like there is little chance for someone to do such a dumb move

  28. If knight takes the pawn and then the knight kills our knight then if we take the bishop then they take our bishop they will be 5points in advantage 😅

  29. i love how all of these traps require your opponent to be even semi rational with their moves…

    of course the assumption is you should we able to defeat an irrational player… but sometimes chaos reigns supreme 😂

  30. Not "and you opponent does this" but "IF your opponent does this"

  31. I did it and he resigned in one move so yea it works

  32. Nice alternative to the fried liver, when they push the pawn instead of getting out the knight. Will certainly try this

  33. What if it doesn't play a bad move at first with pawn

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