Emory Tate INVENTED A Chess Opening!

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0:00 Context
0:35 Tate – Herfel


  1. i’ve done this hella times and i haven’t watched a single chess game in my life tate just winging it😂

  2. wow chess is amazing!!! unbelievable! must be fun…

  3. Beautiful unorthodox game complete with an en passant

  4. 9:48 I think there is another really beautiful forced mating sequence Tate could've used here

    Starts with
    Qd7+, Nxd7
    Ne6+, Kc8
    Rxc6+, Qe7

  5. At 6:55
    Why do you think he didn’t move the knight to C2 And fork the queen and rook?

    Just getting into chess so curious as it why he didn’t choose that as my beginner brain sees that as a potential solid trade

  6. bro i can do that too, my opening is king takes king, mate in 1 move

  7. Man saw the ending of the game even before it began .

  8. It's like a complex analogy for my life… I think about how every move he says has a relation to an action that I've made in my life.

  9. I watch all the ads on lower subscribed channels to help them out more

  10. Reads Tate ,

    Clicks on video

    Checks comments before watching

  11. He also made an egotistical self important misogynistic asshole. No-one is perfect.

  12. very good analysis and I have subscribed on the basis of this first viewing of this contributor's approach and clarity

  13. when you said frankfurt
    that made me want to go
    open the fridge

  14. Certainly an improvement on his other opening: "it's time to inseminate you with a gay rapist baby"

  15. Great game, interesting & fun, thanks Will.

  16. guys can someone explain me how the pawn move into a c6, at 7:45 minutes of the video

  17. when he moves the outpost knight why didn’t he fork the rook and queen

  18. 7:13 World it not be smart if tate had moved knight to C1 that would force the opponent to give up queen or rock?

  19. Excellent explanation and even better strategy! Thank you very much

  20. 9:50 you can actually mate even with sacrificing the queen.

    Queen d7, black knight takes, white knight to e6, black king forced to c8, white rook to c6 checkmate

  21. At 08:55 when white played Rook B3 I would mediately answer with black Knight B2 . Now , let's GET READY FOR RUUUMBLE !!! …

  22. There he stood. Alone. One against 16 soldiers of the Empire's unholy battalion. His wrath bared no yield. His will knew not the limits of a mere man. His scowl showed no concern for the heathens of this heinous battlefield. The violent storm brewing around him , the rain falling with the velocity of a million pawns , the wind howling and gusting pass him with the brute force of a battering ram. His eyes gazing into the entire landscape of fallen pawns from both sides of this accursed war, and then into the battle-ready soldiers that exchanged their own contemptuous leers. Not another moment was wasted. He charged forth, mighty sword in hand, into the heart of the legion, with one loud, thunderous roar.

    His power was incomprehensible. One by one, each figure falling before Him like leaves in the autumn cold. His swiftness was untraceable. The soldiers lost sight of his moves as quickly as they gained it , before falling to his fury. His courage was unrivaled. The Queen and Rooks intimidated him not, gladly welcoming the danger they would bring, for the danger he brought would soon quell their existence.

    The wicked feared him. The righteous honored him.

  23. Definitely make a tutorial on this opening it was insane haha

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