Expressed is Impressed – Remember 90 percent of what you study – Chess Openings Wizard

Mike of explains a learning technique that can improve your ability to remember what you study. Use this hack to recall more than 90 percent of the positions you study.


  1. Want your own copy of Chess Openings Wizard? Here is the Windows version: here is the Mac version: the iPhone or iPad search for Chess Openings Wizard at this link: Android search the app store for this:

  2. Mike, Did you marry that girlfriend? Do you still have the bear?

  3. Reminds me of my Russian teacher talking about learning vocabulary.

  4. Adding an object to you memory queue, like a string on a finger. I often move something out of place or put an item in a certain spot vs a note. Notes are for lists, but an object queues the memory. I put a napkin on my dash to remind me to check the oil, instant reminder w/o reading — Yes, good advice Mike! 👍

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