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Gotham Chess

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  1. Idk why i really wanted Gotham to eat his shirt

  2. Bro's spamming the pieces and talking like he's Hikaru

  3. Annoying to watch so many clicks on each piece. Only GMs and IMs should be doing that!;) Regardless, it’s good to see Frank improving.

  4. The fact that I have a chance to play against the frank gives me life

  5. If you're under 1,000 elo and you're ever in this situation, don't risk stalemate looking for a tricky checkmate. Just trap the opponent's king on the back row with your queen and then cross the board with a pawn.

    you should be able to pre-move almost all your pawn moves. So you won't have to worry about flagging.

  6. Why does every gm just clicks and clicks QND CLICKS onto pieces like come on you click click you make move with it YOU CLICK CLICK stop clicking! Why do you click it hurt my eyes!

  7. already know he was shaking like mad LMAO

  8. *proceeds to make a mate in 2 in 56 moves*


  9. The fact that he shouted joyfully after he finally was able to walk 😂

  10. "Frank you three fold this game I will eat my shirt"-Levy 2023

  11. Dude never heard about having a plan

  12. I dont trust in frank anymore from now on💀

  13. He is a blind shooter trying to hit something at 3 meters and got it on last bullet.

  14. Mom and dad teaching their son drive.

  15. bro went from check check check check check check to #

  16. Show legal moves should not be allowed in live play.

  17. Truly one of the most cheekiest moment in history

  18. bro learning how to click mouse and its fantastic for him

  19. Bro why he moves mouse like that this gave me anxiety 😢😢

  20. Its 400 elo
    No but how does someone with half a brain have 400 elo

  21. Why's he spam clicking the pieces? For some reason it irritates me 🤣🤣🤣

  22. Bro could have taken a pawn and fixed all his life provlems

  23. Frank is the type of guy to spam the piece because he doesn’t know how it moves

  24. I watched this live and it was heart pounding 😅

  25. bro just walked through 3900000 levels of backrooms and hell just at once

  26. Someone resque his left mouse button from him 😢

  27. a good advice for amateur players. don't try too copy anybody's playing style. for example he's clicking the pieces more then he's thinking

  28. It bothers me how much he clicks the pieces lmao

  29. It was mate in the three from the beginning

  30. The cheeky lad is coming to LA to battle against Connor, I hope he wins broo😭✋ He has never played Otb live, and first time him doing this on camera would be in a pogchamps finals, this is crazy.

  31. Amazing amazing, i never been so hype over a checkmate lol, sooo cheeky😂😂😂

  32. The way he stood up after succesfully mating while up a queen

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