Fried Liver Opening That Made Hikaru champion of Norway Chess 2023

Hikaru Nakamura The king premove is back.

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Hikaru Nakamura

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  1. I’m Italian and what Hikaru said is” figatello” which is from some point of view means puss*. The right word is fegatello.

  2. Imagine trying to go to sleep but you have his thoughts in your head constantly.

  3. My favorite food is Italian opening Evans gambit with the red sauce. But if that horsey comes out, I’ll settle for the liver n onions

  4. I love facing the fried liver…and then hitting them with the traxler

  5. Had to check his computer to make sure it's the right move. I like it

  6. I do stuff like this in my 300s games and not know what the hell im doing 😂😂 didn’t know that was a line but I do that a lot lol (checks hand for Spider-Man powers) 😅

  7. It’s called fried liver because the fegatello is usually wrapped in caul before being fried. And the Italians thought that this attack resembled that somehow. The king gets wrapped before he gets fried.
    Google fegatello to see what that dish looks like.

  8. These people in the comments thinking that the fegatello opening is bad😂😂😂

  9. I thought the name "fried liver" came from the notion that you'd have to be extremely drunk to attempt this opening and the alcohol is literally frying your liver.

  10. In italian it's called fegatello (fegato=liver). Figa (=😼) is something else ahahaah

  11. I kinda remember for black after qf3+, the best move to escape is actually ke6 or something.

  12. This is my favorite opening(im 260 elo yes i know im trash)

  13. What if they use queen f6 whata the next move

  14. I did the exact moves hikaru did and lost all my pieces

  15. I like how Hikaru is not really making any effort on the game itself, but more on explaining what will happen and how he's going to win

  16. god I love this opening

  17. Hikaru so ruthless against the noobs 😢

  18. Fegatello = fegato (liver) + ‘ello’ (‘e’ letter gets dropped) (a way to alter a word to give it a positive emotional context, in this case maybe sarcastic. This is called vezzeggiativo). A little liver will be fegatino a big liver fegatone a bad liver fegataccio. Just examples of other alterations

  19. I just knew this man had a Jorden van Foreest look

  20. I'm confused. Why didn't he check mate straight away with queen f7?

  21. How are you getting those arrow colors ??

  22. Play tennison gambit into the fried liver and you might be able to checkmate the king when he moves E8->D7 By moving queen H5->D5

  23. I just learned I been doing the fried liver all wrong lol

  24. How to do this type of dark and colourful arrows? Btw hikaru's opponents be like 😮

  25. You know your a GK if you skewer the king and queen and then don't even take the queen

  26. He had checkmate in 2 like 5 moves before

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