GM Hikaru Destroys Chess Hustler In 49.4 Seconds!

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You won’t believe it even after seeing it!


  1. White should have resigned once he lost his queen like that smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. Someone needs to carry a conversation with this guy and distract him ! He’s too good

  3. I like how he is so sharp, cool and careless during the streams, but when it is time to have a face-to-face interaction, he is shy and hesitant like a little girl

  4. I wonder…if you are at this level…how is it possible to become even better.

  5. Ohh bro that second game wit the old guy was awesome

  6. Many blitz players make the same mistake. If you have 5 minutes, use them. Guys here are playing as if they're playing bullet.

  7. @4:40-42 Why do you think white didn’t used the queen a3 to take the rook b4?

  8. Weird. I can smell the smoke from second guy's cigarette 🤔

  9. Grandmaster vs. a common casual player in fast chess.

    How silly is that. But it doesn't matter, because despite the huge skill gap, both are still human.

  10. Hikaru playing IRL: Just vibing with other players

    Hikaru playing online: Opens with H4

  11. Anyone else notice the pieces are set up on the wrong sides

  12. Reminds me of that scene where Hikaru's searching for Sai after he disappears and plays intimidatingly fast to get the game over with so he can go check the other cemetery.

  13. Yeah I saw that knight move. I'm pretty sure when you're playing if you're not planning for that then it's easier to miss.

  14. idc what anyone says, 2nd guy played the best out of all

  15. Hikaru could have lost had the smoker played Ba4

  16. The second guys endgame was full of hopes and dreams “I got 16 second I could do it”😂

  17. What makes him a “hustler”? Just curious.

  18. Pretty impressive that Don grinds out a seemingly quite credible game

  19. yeah Hikaru is pretty good but he can lose. Just not often.

  20. Once he lost his Queen it was nothing else to see

  21. Baydrix New Zealand War Robot Fanatics says:

    Just stating tge obvios but as hikaru sits there we all know in his head is bishop e3 pawn c4 take takes takes takes takes kniggt d3

  22. that 2nd guy actually held his own surprisingly took him to an endgame at least, although a very difficult one to win but was only down a couple pawns.

  23. Man said “congrats Don for having the biggest missed opportunity” 💀💀

  24. He didn’t “destroy” him, he held up pretty good! Good game.

  25. I couldn't stand playing someone while they're smoking🤢

  26. The guy smoking cigarettes is just disrespectful for smoking while playing Hikaru. I don't mind people smoking, but at least have some integrity.

  27. Not easy top play against Hikaru. I'd love even the chance. He's way too strong, even at 1 minute, even without looking at the board.

  28. i think my ex might be a great future chess player 'cuz she can calculate "what if" fights all day

  29. just by not getting mated in the first 10 moves is already impressive. I would fall in every possible trap allowed by the opening 😆

  30. Why doesn’t anyone say “check” anymore?

  31. Why did the fist guy give up his queen so fast😭😭

  32. Second guy missed a free bishop at the end as well, he really had a fighting chance

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