How I WIN With 1.b3 & 1…b6 Chess Openings [SECRETS Revealed]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares some of his own chess games in which he has played his favourite chess opening, 1.b3, known as the Larsen’s Opening or the Nimzo–Larsen Attack.

It is a very universal and solid chess opening as the same can be played as Black, 1…b6, which is known as the Owen’s Defense when played against White’s first move 1.e4.

You will learn GM Smirnov’s secret opening weapon, key attacking plans in this opening, common ideas, and some middlegame plans.

► Chapters

00:00 GM Smirnov’s games with 1.b3 & 1…b6 chess openings
00:17 Game-1: 1.b3 e5
01:37 Common idea to control the b2-g7 diagonal
03:23 Launching a powerful kingside attack
04:38 Game-2: 1…b6 as Black
06:31 Common attacking idea for Black
07:58 Game-3: 1.b3 d5
09:26 Powerful tactical trick for the win
10:01 How do GMs play blitz really well?

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  1. ► Chapters

    00:00 GM Smirnov's games with 1.b3 & 1…b6 chess openings

    00:17 Game-1: 1.b3 e5

    01:37 Common idea to control the b2-g7 diagonal

    03:23 Launching a powerful kingside attack

    04:38 Game-2: 1…b6 as Black

    06:31 Common attacking idea for Black

    07:58 Game-3: 1.b3 d5

    09:26 Powerful tactical trick for the win

    10:01 How do GMs play blitz really well?

  2. Great and aggressive opening💪👌👌

  3. 1.e4 b6 is simply trash and a GM showing it against opponents that are up to 1000 ELO below their rating to sell it as a strong weapon is ridiculous.

  4. Bishops on their strongest lines. What's not to like

  5. At 9:14, why not take with the queen so that you attack the pawn on c6 as well as threaten checkmate? After Qxh7+ then Qh8#

  6. An IM claims that Knight e2 instead f3 is the refutation of the owens defense.
    That protects Knight c3, pawn d4 and also threatens Knight f4 with a strong King side attack.
    My question is, how to counter this Knight e2 move ?
    Example: e4 b6; d4 Bb7; Bd3 e6; Nc3 Nf6; Ne2 …. or similar position. It is claimed that this setup gives White a crushing King side attack with two Bishops and Queen having open diagonals to the King side.
    IM Perunovic:

  7. Game 1 was so excellent! Its exactly how I’d ideally think and play if i took all the time and had the chess vision to see each move (the rationale is perfect).

    Being able to immediately see these concepts in a one minute game is a testament to what accurate training and practice can do, combined with a proper mentality of what is successful in chess (always looking for more aggressive play and to create threats).

    I love this and would love to see more vids like this (especially ones against high level opponents with longer time controls to break down the thought process when the opponent has the time to make what they feel are the best moves).

  8. Thank you for this video. I have been playin 1.b3 for ages in online blitz games. Most of the times I place the bishop on d3 and the opening becomes kind of Colle Zuckertort, Bb5 is an interesting approach as well.

  9. Hey Igor, what do you think about the polish opening? I've used it quite a bit and find it pretty fun and very similar

  10. Hey Igor. What you propose after 1. b3 d5, 2. Bb2 Bg4? Every engine line shows that white have problems with development.

  11. I'll play this opening for weeks ahead

  12. +Remote Chess Academy GM Smirnov, can you please comment on the variations of 1.b3 and 1…b6 proposed by IM Ilya Odessky? He plays totally different lines.

  13. Wow thanks GM Igor for the wonderful opening

  14. Why wouldn't you take the pawn on G4? He would threaten the Queen still? It moves, and the Knight moves back? I guess it opens the lane for the rook, but seems better than moving the knight back.

  15. Having subtitles would add value to your videos as we are sometimes in a place where we can't listen to audio! Thank you for the great content.

  16. at 7:42 you say Rc1 is a checkmate in one
    it is not mate, K can go to e2
    it does win a R, however

  17. I've played Larsen's Opening a zillion times – I love it, as it it offers such a rich array of possibilities.

  18. GM Igor, I have a 1300 rating and would like to ask you which one of these 3 openings, I should use and try to learn all the variations? 1. The Bishop opening 2. The Halloween Gambit 3. B3 & B6 opening. Thanks for your response. I really like all your videos and want to thank you very much for sharing them with us!

  19. A Nimzo-Larsen attack! I love it 🙂 great video btw. Thank You. 🙂

  20. Great presentation Igor. I like your style.

  21. 7 mn 28 s Cb3 pour défendre le Fc1

  22. Omg! I was just going to go back to that video you made 10 years ago or some many many years ago and when i saw this video i was so glad. Thank you so much!

  23. My favorite opening too. Works great against the opponent using it too!

  24. Hello GM Igor Smirnov (hope you will read this, it's actually the second time i'm writing it since the first one was deleted probably because I putted a site in it..). First of all thank you for this amazing video! I have been using the Larsen since your video 1.b3 and on my new account on the famous site I reached 1400 with a 74% winrate using only the larsen and the czech pirc (another opening you made a video about). I know 1400 isnt much but i'm aiming for more ^-^. I also bought your course "3 steps to 2000 elo" but I still need to watch/learn it. I wanted to know your opinion about wheter is better for me to change the czech pirc with the owen or not, and if possible i'd like to know if you could make a video like this with 2 or 3 matches with the czech pirc so that I can steal your middlegame ideas ^-^ thank you

  25. Before I started watching all your videos I was 1500 rapid, now I'm 1759, I saw your video about The Stonewall, and I've been crushing everyone

  26. In the last game, you describe the sacrifice on h7 as "somewhat similar to the Greek gift sacrifice". I'd have thought that was an example of a Greek gift sacrifice? What specifically makes a bishop sacrifice on h7 the real deal and not just "similar"?

  27. Brother I am stuck in 1200 elo how to improve game I practice daily

  28. There’s a big hole in your analysis. At 1’ 30” black has Qg5! after ne5. The attack on g2 negates white’s bxc6 or nxc6.

  29. Is this usually only played in Blitz and Bullet?

  30. i think that the video you made in which you said that you were challenged by magnus carlson is fake

  31. 0:27 I go with 3 c4 instead of e3 following GM Baskaran course on chrssable. I feel this discourages d5 as black won’t want to give up a central pawn, what are your thoughts?

  32. @Igor .. Just wondering why is it not played in top levels ? Is it bad for black ?

  33. Sorry, but at 1:50. It is not so strange isn't that castle is the top move. Because of Bishopxg7

  34. GM Igor sounds like Gru at times 😅🤗

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