How to Beat The King’s Pawn Opening in 3 Minutes | The Sicilian Dragon

If you’re in desperate need of an effective opening against e4, you’re about to experience the most intense euphoria you could ever imagine. In this 3 minute tutorial, you will learn everything you need to know to start crushing e4 players the way nature intended.


  1. i litterally got defeated 100 times by a level 1 intermediate bot named nelson

  2. I have to slow the playback here since it's so good I have to hear it at a slow pace.

  3. “Hilarious & Informative” – The New York Times

  4. 3:18 can anyone tell me how to spell "thian ghetto" or whatever he says so that I can search for more videos?

  5. The Dragon variation?

    Najdorf players: Pathetic

  6. Gushing, sycophantic paragraph

    There you go

  7. i got clapped they moved bishop from F1 to B5 it ruined everything

  8. I came here to learn how not to suck at chess but ended up laughing like a lunatic in the middle of the street…

  9. white's king's pawn opening then black opens with queen's bishop pawn. How can white defend against blacks first move???????

  10. Damn!! I shaking for all my opponents right now! 😊 Bravo (3) minutes ♟️👍

  11. I was literally in tears when I couldn't play against the kings pawn opening. Now this looks interesting.

  12. Me: ahh yes can wait to play the sicillian dragon
    My 200 elo oponent on his first move: b4
    Me: …

  13. trade queens, noted. looks like the white rook got a good position in the center afterwards, but… nevermind

  14. They call it the dragon variation because the pawns vaguely resemble the Draco constellation.

    The more you know ミ★

  15. the white king is just asking for it! XDXDXDXD

  16. Me conflicted: Wanting to share this to my friend who plays chess
    but also, don't want to share this to my friend so he uses this against me

    but then again… he plays king's pawn opening, but he doesn't follow this structure

    Hmmmmmmm decisions, decisions

  17. I've played against the dragon a bit, never tried it myself. Why? Because it's so clearly set up for a queenside attack, I always look at it and am like "Nope, definitely not castling Queenside".

  18. My aunt always uddered a piece is only a Tangiwahwah

  19. my brain has hole but this video make hole brain of skull patch hole brain of skull tanks you I chess 1760 rating because you YouTube

  20. I enjoyed this greatly. Using the r slur is a bit iffy, but eh. It’s fine.

  21. But what if I'm dumb and want to use Scandinavian?

  22. I don't even understand how to play chess but I enjoy to watch these videos

  23. isn't this just the kings indian defence

  24. 1:15 “don't rely entirely on memory Play good chess” …. “Now let's reply entirely on memory to learn chess”

  25. What is this guy's accent? it sounds half British half something else. I'm mainly here for the whispered interpolations. Very nice.

  26. this guy is like a gym bro for chess and I love this content.

  27. Ben, it's called the Dragon variation bc the pawns h7-g6-f7-e7-d6 look like a dragon a little bit! I read it in an old Russian chess book 25 years ago….

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