How To Calculate In Chess

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How to calculate in chess. Super important lesson on calculation for beginners, intermediate, advanced players, or checkers professionals.

0:00 Intro
1:03 Beginners Game 1
7:52 Beginners Game 2
12:10 Puzzles
15:39 Intermediate/Advanced
18:48 Advanced Example 2
22:02 Advanced Example 3
24:15 Example 4
27:04 Example 5

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  2. I just made my first brilliant move earlier today, thanks levy.

  3. no calculation is in math🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🙂😂

  4. At 18:45 I’m struggling to find finishing mates. I’m okay at the openings and winning material but cannot find the finishing mates. Any advice? Or videos to watch?

  5. This video opened my mind a lot! thanx a lot!

  6. Hikaru sees that he is going to get checkmated in 63 moves after e4

  7. l love your enthusiasm! great advice and keep producing these excellent videos

  8. 28:57 didn’t they hang a bishop? Because after the knight takes on e3 the only thing they can take with is the rook then you fork 🍴 them and grab a rook

  9. can anyone pls explain that in the first example for beginners, how does black pawn to e6 prevents the move white pawn to e5 so it cannot attack the horse

  10. As the great Hikaru says it “Takes, takes, takes, takes, takes, takes, and that should by mate.”

  11. I love your videos even I love chess

  12. watching this because I blundered my queen two games in a row today 😅

  13. 18:07 I found qh8 bishop takes queen and ruck takes bishop checkmate

  14. Harry Potter after graduation teaching magical chess tactics 😂😂😂

  15. Could you please make a video about improving visualization?

  16. thanks i was finally able to beat my 1.5k elo friend

  17. I keep finding that I'm planning these moves and then my opponent does something awful that I wasn't expecting. For example, taking one of my pieces with a bishop would also attack another one of my pieces across the board but then they take with a pawn, seemingly doing nothing of value for themselves but completely ruining what I planned.

  18. Hi, I am still learning how to play. I can beat the computer at very skilled, but against humans I sometimes fail to understand when piece mobility is enough compensation for sacrificing a piece in the middle game. I'd appreciate an explanation with some examples. Thank you.

  19. 11:07 is checkmate with the rooks only and still checkmate with the bishops alone

  20. Im letting you know that there ARE comments in the comments section!

  21. Confused chess beginner here. At 9:21, did he intend to say "The Knight can't move!" ? I'm concerned I miss the point, as the King can move, but he shouldn't, that's what he meant, right? – Top lesson, Levy!

  22. If our students studied Chess instead of LGTBQ, in 7th grade that would be great.

  23. I’ve heard of checks, captures and attacks from you Levi.. but what is the process? That must be what I’m missing!

  24. i feel insane after learning this i have been forking my oppents checks for winning queens at 600 elo i forked 3 times and force win a queen in 1 game

  25. i did a very normal and casual opening instead. i did the Queen's Gambit Declined: Semi-Slav Defense, Accelerated Move-Order, 4.e4

  26. 9:20 : I think you meant to say " Knight can't move" and not "King can't move".

  27. Ok so i am 500 i made a new account at advanced and i beat a 1800😅

  28. Chess = Intelligence + Amazing working memory + Short term memory +Long term memory .

    Please don't deny memory in chess.

  29. at 26:20 first move i saw was knight sac that has to be taken or rook hung takes back with pawn cant stop white from taking rook and promote

  30. There are indeed comments in the comment section

  31. I'm confused….Levy missed checkmate 16:46 – Qh8+ Bxh8 Rxh8#?

  32. Min 16:40
    You could have given a mate in 2 moves instead of hunting the king
    Queen check to h8
    The black takes with the bishop
    And then rock to h8 Checkmate

  33. Levy slipping in chess is a mandatory subject for kids in Armenia lmao dead
    He is our anarchy chess GOD

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