How to get past 800 quickly! Beginner chess tips – Get better at chess & Improve your chess strategy

Can’t seem to get past the 800 rating level? In this video I’ll give you three reasons why you might be struggling to get past 800 in chess. These chess principles and ideas will help you become a better chess player quickly. In this chess lesson I’ll give you exact reasons why you’re stuck at 800 and show you how to improve. I’ll go over chess strategies and ideas to help you take your game to the next level. This video is for beginner and intermediate chess players trying to become better at chess. These chess tips and tricks will help you win more games and improve as a chess player. The three beginner tips are to avoid blunders, castle before move 10, and completely develop your pieces.

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  1. Im not 800. Who said i was 800? Get out of my head!!!

  2. The reason the lists are not given out is because they don’t want to give any credibility to your story because of the bad publicity and it’s possible effects on tourism etc .

  3. 3:35 Where do you think castling should be in your list of priorities, compared to developing of pawns, knights and bishops?

  4. I'm trying to become 800 elo 770 currently thank you

  5. Thx Nelson . all beginners need this lesson.. you are a great teacher. straight forward and very easy to understand. Practice the basics religiously. Thanks for your Time in doing this and Happy Holidays !!

  6. I'm rated 700, I do not struggle with any of these issues, neither does any of my opponents, this is a more like – 600 rating guide.

  7. I can beat bot up to 1400 playing chess that make sense
    But stuck in 700 cause they do sacrifice and weird thing non stop

  8. Advice for people that are struggling. 1. do puzzles! It helps your vision a lot, 2. Practice mating patterns, so you know how to mate with just a rook and a king or 2 bishop etc 3. make an effort to remember which piece is guarding another piece, at the start I would blunder so many pieces by moving a piece 5 moves later and forgetting that It was guarding something. 3. pick 1 opening for white, and maybe 2 for black, something that deals with a queen's pawn opening and something that deals with a king's pawn opening, and learn some theory and tricks for those opening. 4. Analyse games with an engine, it's super important, find out what move was the start of your downfall and see what move you should have played instead and remember for next time.

  9. I love sport even im always loosing at chess i never give up bc i know practice makes better.

  10. i wish my 800 hundreds were so stupid 😀

  11. Wow crazy how I don't really make any of these big mistakes and yet still lose, truly wild stuff

  12. I am 1400 but I still like to watch this kind of tutorials

  13. Ya its the blunders, and the wonderful this is it is not like I don't know they are blunders. I have lost count of the number of times. "Move piece"…. "oh shoot that just hangs my piece….. dont notice, dont notice, dont notice…. crap they noticed.

  14. The big problem with being rated 800 is you compete with people who are actually very skilled but just play games when they can’t give their full attention but when you take longer to make moves they pay more attention and so the better you play the better your opponents play and so even if you are playing significantly better in one game than another game you are no more likely to win that game.

  15. I’m an 800 player and have horrible openings as I haven’t studied any but have a relatively strong middle to end game off of intuition as I don’t make the common blunders listed in the video. I just started chess about 4 months ago and play every now and then. I’m just trying to strengthen my game by learning tactics and am confident I can probably make it to about 1200 to 1500 elo eventually.

  16. my super big problem is openings like it'll either be me setting up my opening and developing and then my opponent just gets super aggressive before I have anything down and it just confuses and baffles me every time and I end up blundering one or two pieces because I just don't know how to react to someone trying to kill all of my pieces with a pawn and I don't know how to develop my pieces from there. whenever I get all of my development and both me and my opponent then generally I'll do pretty good but I'm just not good at countering certain openings and going against super aggressive and greedy players

  17. I am an 800 patzer who for some reason keeps hanging my queen. I castle and develop fairly well. I got to work on blundering

  18. In the when 2:42 minutes were up when you were talking about it there is a trick nxe4 nxe4 d5 so it’s fine.

  19. The tip about the pawns in front of the king. Another chess youtuber, ASMR Chess, came up with a quote to help people remember not to move the pawns: Keep the wall intact and ready to react. 🤣🤣

  20. I like to say that I'm a 1300 ELO player who blunders himself to 1000 (usfc) and really should be rated 800.

  21. I highly recommend double fianchetto if your black pieces. Most 400-800 players don’t know how to stop it.

  22. 2:20 isn't really a good example though, right? because after

    Nxe4, d5

    then black's d pawn (supported by the queen) would fork the knight and bishop and then black would win the piece back right away, correct?

  23. Very helpfull video, good job! I cannot pass 900, but the main reason is blundering, if i dont blunder something, i could be winning at 70% rate i think

  24. There's quite a few games that i haven't castled early on and its a risk for sure, but sometimes I feel like i don't have the time to castle, either due to potential threats or opportunities. Tho I won't sit here pretending that it wasn't holding me back. Maybe I'm just playing too aggressively.

  25. Playing the ruy Lopez at 800 level, the opposition always attack that bishop with a pawn. So I’m not sure where to go from here

  26. Get the point about castling, just wondering if it's also risky doing too soon. Doesn't it enable the opponent to direct their pieces towards that location? I've won a few games where the opponent castled and I just attacked that way.

  27. I couldn’t seem to break the 700-800 range and put it down to playing too many games without increasing my knowledge/theory. So now I play a few games and then spend time learning stuff, makes a massive difference, so now approaching 1000!! Slow and steady..

  28. Thank you so much for this video! With your help I was able to get my first ever brilliant move at 600 and win! I cannot thank you enough.

  29. I was 970 and now I am 700 😕 it's heart breaking and this are exact mistakes I have done

  30. one note: it's not "feeanchato", it's fee an ket' toh, fianchetto

  31. bruh i am stuck at 500 and only have like 2 blunders from a little pawn

  32. i dont know what 800s you are encountering but mine play with 70-80 accuracy consistently

  33. I dont even blunder! Players above 800 play crazy good and crush me, but when I drop below 800 players blunder like there is no tomorrow… absolutely wild

  34. The only thing I learned in this video is to not blunder. Which is pretty self explanatory to not do

  35. I don't really find this super useful, because i don't make mistake like this and then i already started to understand chess, but still I'm stuck at 800+ elo

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