How to get past 800 quickly! Beginner chess tips – Get better at chess & Improve your chess strategy

Can’t seem to get past the 800 rating level? In this video I’ll give you three reasons why you might be struggling to get past 800 in chess. These chess principles and ideas will help you become a better chess player quickly. In this chess lesson I’ll give you exact reasons why you’re stuck at 800 and show you how to improve. I’ll go over chess strategies and ideas to help you take your game to the next level. This video is for beginner and intermediate chess players trying to become better at chess. These chess tips and tricks will help you win more games and improve as a chess player. The three beginner tips are to avoid blunders, castle before move 10, and completely develop your pieces.

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  1. Not blundering? Why didn't I think of that.

  2. i viewed a lot chess channels to improve something. i think you have the most useful informations to use instantly. i think u will grow fast 🙂

  3. thanks bro u win 10/12 of my last game u were so right

  4. how does a castle even work like how does a king get the far?

  5. I watched this video May 24 and I had then around ~750 ranking. Today, after 23 days… I've just hit 907 🙂 Thank you for your videos. They were very helpful! 🙂

  6. 洋書多読チャンネル says:

    I realized 800 rating players aren't weak as I expected before

  7. I can't get pass 800 because of racist chess colors.

    – liberal

  8. I’ll be honest this is helpful but I’m facing some jacked 800s it seems to be less about blunders or even developing and more about making a mistake when there are 1-3 options for a good move.

  9. Thanks for the content man. I'm enjoying your channel. I appreciate it your channel. I appreciate the freshness you bring

  10. I've made 53 accounts. Started each as new to chess. Played 125 games with each.
    700 on almost all, I ran into cheats.
    800 was hilarious.
    1000, 30-40% opponents were engine users.

    You're stuck at 800 because people are cheating assholes.
    Good luck.

  11. I was 800 and then played 20 games very drunk. Now im 500..

  12. I'm stuck at 1400. Can you make a video for us?

  13. On the point about leaving the pawns in the original position on the castled side does that really apply to the rook pawn? I Usually move that forward 1 square to give the king an escape route.

  14. My most common mistake is running out of time

  15. Not counting blunders…moving pawns too deep too early, leaving the king vulnerable while I'm pillaging, and to eager to make even trades or trades with no real strategic value other than "yum yum eat em up." However, those are 3 things I REALLY enjoy doing so I reckon I'm a forever sub 1000 player.

  16. Man I am stucked at 600 ! Help me out please 🙏 I am not able to cross 600 🙁 What should I do now??

  17. Things I need to remember:
    1. Eliminate Blunders! Consistently scan the board, look for weaknesses in your own position and the enemy's.
    2. Castle Early. Try to do it before move 10.
    3. Fully develop pieces. Develop all pieces – don't stop at just two or three.

  18. Has anyone noticed that opponents on at the 300-500 level play typically without making any of these errors and many employ some tactics more in the 1000-1400 range? I’ve played 100’s of games at this level and the opponents are inexplicably too good.

  19. Great content you’ve earned yourself another sub goodsir

  20. These videos are amazing. I was stuck at 650-725 and then I found this channel. I always struggled with consistency and i wildly fluctuated between these ratings. I figured I hit a wall and would always be a crappy chess player. However, things are finally clicking. This past week I blew right past 700's and 800's and I'm now winning games at 900+ level. Working hard to break a 1000 rating soon.

  21. But when you say that dont move pawns in front of your king, why super gms play h4 often

  22. I am at 650 and get wrecked with peoples aggressive openings lol

  23. My biggest issue is I follow advice like this and think "oh, this piece is defended so I am fine" and then they attack it anyway and I'm left in a weird position then start making mistakes. I'll take back…but then I lose sight of my strategy and don't know what to do. It's like that with openings sometimes too. I should be safe to make certain plays, but when the opponent does something dumb, it throws me off and then I'll do something dumb. Or I don't know the correct counterplay that makes what they did a bad move.

  24. How do you deal with trapped pieces? I simply get my development hindered/ my pieces blundered by random pawn moves

  25. 2:22 – This specifically isn't actually a free knight after d5, forking bishop and knight, which is a trick you can use in this opening

  26. Technically castling on the queen side takes two moves, since you gotta move two pawns to be able to move the queen as well

  27. Me being a 1100 rated player watching vids for 800

  28. Wasn't the answer that i was expecting. Blunders are unavoidable if you are inexperienced and don't put energy into thinking through the following moves. I kinda can't visualize 3+ moves ahead just by being relaxed, only when i'm concentrating enough to generate 120 bpm heartrate i can make decent moves. So i blunder if i want to have chill 5 min games. That's my mistake. HOWEVER the most popular mistakes happen surprisingly early – so i was expecting an answer that lower rated players should study the openings. Most newbs just go for e4 and wing it from there. Improving openings would be a one steady way to improve one's rating.

  29. you should move at least one of the pawns that protect the king ( after castling) to prevent backranked checkmate

  30. My additional tip would be to play longer games, play 10min and daily to have time to analyze and sooner you will get this schematic games in your head. On daily I'm closing to 1000, but on 3min I am struggling to keep 700. Also… play on the phone not PC, somehow it's faster. Also allows you to prep the move

  31. Thank You this help me to play sharper and gian like 50 elo points really fast

  32. Sorry but this is stupid if we didn’t make blunders of course we would not lose as easily. Blitz chess is fast and you lose on time so people often make blunders because we will run out of time so what else should we do. Study openings. ? I always castle early and try not to have uncovered pawns or other Pieces but I still can’t get past 840

  33. This is stating the obvious dude so what else

  34. I like your video but it's hard to watch when the sound is so distorted.

    My advice is – record audio -17db when you speak normally, then use a noise gate or an expander to cut off the noise level, compress the audio so that it has less dynamics but is more pleasant to listen to and increase it to the final value, but at peak moments no louder than -1db 🙂

  35. Really enjoying this channel. My chess app tells me I’m between 800 and 850 but I don’t play actual humans.

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