How to get past 800 quickly! Beginner chess tips – Get better at chess & Improve your chess strategy

Can’t seem to get past the 800 rating level? In this video I’ll give you three reasons why you might be struggling to get past 800 in chess. These chess principles and ideas will help you become a better chess player quickly. In this chess lesson I’ll give you exact reasons why you’re stuck at 800 and show you how to improve. I’ll go over chess strategies and ideas to help you take your game to the next level. This video is for beginner and intermediate chess players trying to become better at chess. These chess tips and tricks will help you win more games and improve as a chess player. The three beginner tips are to avoid blunders, castle before move 10, and completely develop your pieces.

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  1. 2:20 but if white takes with a knight, black can push D6 and make a fork…

  2. I am stuck at 600 since two weeks even after watching millions of videos, doing hundreds of puzzles and taking lessons. I guess I am just low IQ. I give up.

  3. I usually don't resign when I make a blunder. I kinda gives me a rush knowing someone else is feeling joy because of that mate, plus I hate when I'm about to mate someone and the resign lol idk 🤷‍♂️

  4. Ah thanks Robert! Kicking the new farm by the way! Rock n roll 😎🤙🤘

  5. Man I do all of that and I don't blunder if not at all then not much and I devolve most of my major pieces and castle as early as possible but I'm still stuck at 800
    My struggle is my middle game sometimes i don't know what to do
    But openings are a bit easy for me and I always plays the London system it's easy to develop more with but I'm still stuck what do I do 💔😅

  6. hello, when you say fianchetto, the 'ch' is a k so it sounds like fianketto. that is the correct way to say it

  7. Awesome, just what I needed as a beginner. Subscribed!

  8. This isn't my experience. I'm developing, casting, and doing very few blunders and can't get over 800. Its really aggravating.

  9. Wow the tip to get better at chess is not to blunder…..
    Who would have seen that coming

  10. Most of the time my opponents blunder 2-3 or more times a game, i dont normaly blunder, but i tend to castle later and go for attacks with one pieve undeveloped(im around 750)


    2:34 I don't think that black blunders the Night but exchanges it after d5.

  12. Can you make a video about :"reasons why you are stuck at 280". 🙂 I'm struggling to increase my elo.

  13. I didn't have anyone to play with so I lost my mojo so I started again

  14. I am stuck between 775 to 825 for too long … Once i go down at 780 i start winning matches and when i reach 820 i start loosing matches this is happening from very long time

  15. I have been seeing the Fianchetto set up that is then used to protect the castling side. Difficult to get around it. Thanks for the vid!

  16. Nicely done, and nice application of a spreadsheet to categorize the types of errors. What I do not understand is why, after 79 views, you have but 6 likes.

  17. Nicely done. I was 850ish and I played a tournement and i was 12wins 2 losses and after i was on a high to 1200

  18. i’m currently at the 700s range and only have beaten an 800 once i will be back in around a week once i’m 800+

  19. 6:36 Doesn’t this interfere with the development of the c bishop?

  20. I have a tournament today in u1100 and I will be back to tell you how good I did. Thanks for the tips.

  21. Dunno about your other vidios, but this one is top! Really nice stuff

  22. What time control was this? Maybe number 4 is playing too fast of a time control. Lower rated players can notice a lot of their blunders if they slow down, which builds in the habit so it happens much faster as they get used to it.

  23. exactly the kind of vid i needed – keep up the good work

  24. This is a great video for chess tips but I’m more impressed at the data analysis and interested in what your methods were there. Pretty cool stuff👍

  25. I'm low rated, and I guess this was just one of those obvious tip videos. I have already been doing all of this stuff, but it doesn't help so I'm rather fighting a whole bunch of GM's with alt accounts or this is not very helpful.

  26. Haha Even while playing chess i was forced to resign more than 50 games due to work interruptions.Dropped from 1100 to 700(850 now playing weekly twice).But having fun is what matters!

  27. great diagnosis, I hope that one day I start blundering less and less.

  28. Can you recommend a tactics book for someone that is rated around 800? TIA

  29. ok so your advice is to play better…
    well thx

  30. I really appreciated this! I watched your video yesterday and was able to start a 7 game win streak from those 3 tips! I feel more in control of my time by having this direction for how I should open up the game. I'll look forward to your other videos when I raise my rating.

  31. Thank you so much, i just won 10 in a row!

  32. really nice video, and nice work you did by studying all these games
    you got one more sub

  33. I mean I don't do the common types of blunders like hanging pieces , I just miss tactics or don't calculate enough. I mostly struggle with the middlegame and the rest is quite simple

  34. I know that everyone feels like they’re not this kind of 800 but then they make blunders like this

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