How to play the Catalan | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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GothamChess teaches the Catalan system for the White pieces.

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  1. ahh back when gotham didn't have such an ego. pure bliss

  2. Hey levi, can you make detail videos on this?

  3. I've noticed that your site's closed caption commentary covers part of the chess board. It's ONLY this site.

  4. Ayyy your channel is exploding at 1.49M now! Phenomenal! Beating all the GMs in the social media world😂😂

  5. Me: Watches video 5 times

    Next 5 games: Gets mated 5 times

  6. Great summary, Levi. This could become my new universal opening, replacing the English.

  7. I like this cause it’s like kings Indian defense what I play a lot on black! (Also Catalan seems not to attack cross to king as most castle short)

  8. Tried playing this opening but they only ever answer with c5 and e5, I can’t believe it (elo mid 1300)
    Update: I finally got to play against d5 and won both times I played it, works really well expanding on the queen side

  9. We use catalan when facing stronger or weaker opp?

  10. I really love these 10 minutes opening vids! Helps a lot. I had a chess book a long time ago, bout a decade, I learned the Spanish exchange from it and went on tho win several tournaments with that one opening. Can’t the find the book or remember what it was now.

  11. The problem I usually face is getting my pawn back.

  12. What if black does d5 c5 and you can’t push the pawn?

  13. What do you do if you move your night to F3 they attack with bishop g4?

  14. Captain Levi, more deep theory on catalan pleasw

  15. englung gambit?? why evem mention this line. black get lost in 8 moves in main line

  16. I currently play the Vienna and only ever e4 if I don’t play it, but I may try and learn some d4 stuff, and the Catalan will be a great opening to try

  17. my question is: I always drop the b2 pawn from the enemy queen or the queens side Kn who ends up undefended when I push the b pwn. Dam! Am I just bad?

  18. What should white play after D4 D5 C4 C5 ???

  19. Could you make a video on the catalog without d4 like is it called the neo catAlan

  20. An irritating fact is that if you play the delayed Catalan with the kf3, YOU DONT GET THE BOOK ACHIEVEMENT

  21. I’m no longer waiting for the GRANT LOAN because I earn $48,700 every 10 days recently

  22. What I’m going to do if the black plays the Dutch defense?

  23. This is the first time I’m seeing this. So interesting

  24. I’m tryna learn new openings since my beginning is always so bad, and I’m playing catch up the whole time

  25. Holy crap there are way too many bs commercials on your videos

  26. Played my first game with the Catalan and won, thanks Levy!

  27. At this point i might be all the 500k views after rewatching countless times

  28. I love you channel. I am an intermediate player. I love this game and would like to achieve the level you have achieved.

  29. Sorry about the grammer,, auto correct is annoying.

  30. The best i felt simple method about englund gambit which described in the video… overall good very good

  31. not making fun one bit, I love how he looks like harry potter naturally lol thank you for forever teaching me chess

  32. I played this opening and I didn't know the opening had a name 💀

  33. Thanks for this amazing opening video, this helped me to reach 1000 elo in few days of playing catalan (started of at 600 elo)

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