How to play the Catalan | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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GothamChess teaches the Catalan system for the White pieces.

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  1. My guy misspelt eunglund gambit to 'england gambit'

  2. Gotham sir in last u told about how to defense Sicilian but in mid game I don't understand only that position

  3. Which is the best counter attack for catalan opening?

  4. What about the Catalan vs Modern Defense?

  5. wholesome gotham last time read his comments. :(((

  6. sir, which is proper to say. castle the king or castling the king. castle is a noun. castling is an adjective. the wikipedia and all other dictionaries explained very well what is castling in a chess game. but never they mentioned castle which is a legal move in a chess game. where did u get to say castle the king or castle the queen. the thesaurus explains also explains the same. please enlighten us all chess players around the world. thank you.
    im from the Philippines.

  7. Exhaust your opponent with positional play just like vintage FC Barcelona. Fitting name for the opening.

  8. im a new player, and finding this indian with black and catalan with whites, two nice ways to understand about openings, since this fianchetto helps visualize all the board attacking the tower square. ty for videos

  9. you need a course on the catalan, i would buy it 100%

  10. The Catalan seems quite extraordinary 👍👍👍

  11. bro i know my elo is under 500 ! But i think i'm smarter than my opps who are more than 600 !

  12. I play a delayed version, let’s you avoid a lot of Theory, but love the discussion Levy

  13. I always run into the issue of blasting out moves with-out truly digesting what my opponents position is and the implications of my "knee-jerk" responses. I guess this is the hazard of playing 3 minute games.

  14. what happens if black sets up the bishop + queen cannon on your light squared bishop

  15. a comment for the algorithm
    i wanna see 4m subs

  16. Sometimes you make chess very boring 😂😂

  17. I've tried you stupid opening ideas for months…… It always end the same way. I have a good position but hang a piece

  18. Love it, especially quick overview of eng gambit response and c5 ta mate

  19. I am Wrecking My Opponents with my repertoire (catalan,london,caro kan) as of now.

  20. Why does Stockfish hate the Catalan? When I analyze my games it shows the queens gambit as the book moves and then starts throwing inaccuracies after d4,c4.

  21. Lichess recently had a Catalan opening, closed variation tournament, if only I had this video then lol

  22. Really nice video and channel, I hope that u continue to grow Levy! Cheers from Spain!

  23. One of the opening that is been discussed by Nakamura and Levy

  24. Finally, we're not the unfortunate opponent

  25. Excellent explaintion . Thank you very much

  26. I can’t wait for that Queens gambit system video Goth!

  27. Hi levi, nice video with opening tutorial, u talk about the vienna gambit in the Gotham Guide and How to crush with the e4 Video, can you do a 10 minute on the Vienna? Thanks Levi ,cheers

  28. Levy you talk about attacking the kings Indian early in this setup, what should I do as a kings Indian player when I get attacked like this?

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