How to Play the Colle Zukertort || Basic Tips and Tricks || Chess Openings for White

Part two in our series to learn the Colle Zukertort. Today we learn little tips and tricks that will add to your experience after watching the first video (Link below!)
Part 1:
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My name is Sean Lei and I am a Canadian Chess National Master. If you have any questions about the game, or about chess in general, just leave a comment and I would be happy to answer all of them!

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  1. What do you think should be video ideas for Monday?One viewer has already suggest me analyzing some of your games, and I think that's a pretty good idea. What do you think? Tell me in the comment section below!

  2. Nice video :)! I have a question… How do you learn ideas and memorize moves from opening theory without chessbase? Do you have any tips of programs, websites? I started to learn 2 openings for black that needs to know more theory: Against e4 Hyper Accelerated Dragon Sicilian and KID for everything else. But it's not easy to understand those openings haha. I'm using the A to Z playlist from Jozarov's channel and putting the basic lines on lichess to try to memorize and understand the initial moves for each situation, that's the only idea I had…

  3. On Mondays play a Lichess tournament showing your openings against higher rated opponents

  4. Such a versatile system. I think I'll start playing it more! Maybe mondays could be about endgames? More difficult mating patterns, pawn endgames etc. Looking forward to whatever you decide.

  5. Colle Zuckertort part II

    Thanks Sean, once again, for an amazing video and answering our most important questions, however before you move on to c4 I'd also like to know the following:

    1. What do we do when we play b3 to prevent c4 and our opponent plays b5, the c3 move you were talking about in one of your previous videos?
    2. What do we do when our opponent plays Nd7 followed by f7 kicking our knight on the outpost (I normally just trade knights)

    3. When if ever do we bring our knight on d2 to f3?

    4. What do we do when our opponent constructs an outpost of his own with his knight but this time supported with his Bishop obstructing our light Bishop's diagonal? Don't ask me how he gets this right but at times he does….

  6. I found your channel because I was looking into the colle-zukertort system. Love how you expain everything so well! Could u make a video or explain in some way how to react to Ne4 and to early bishop to Bf5 of Bg4. Those are moves opponents like to play and my position seems to crumble because of it… Thanks for the video’s Sean!

  7. I gave this a shot just now in an online game. Forgot about the a3 move. Learned very quickly why it's important.

  8. Sean-please make a Colle video for the black pieces in their opening. Thanks.

  9. This is great and I look forward to more instructional videos on the Colle Zuk (you mentioned you have one planned about the Knight and pawn coming out).

    Keep it up!

  10. Thank you Sean. I have just started playing and using the Colle Zuk and finding your vids awesome. Can't wait for the 3rd one. Again thank you!

  11. Monday idea. Ask your supporters to provide you with games and you could use them as an open coaching vid. I know I would welcome seeing others Colle Zuk games with your insights.

  12. Hey Sean! Do you still want to produce a seperate video for the early move c4 in the game? Your tips really helped me to improve generally in chess and also I main opining is the colle zuckertort. The only thing which distracts by playing this is when my oponent plays the early bishop you because it is uncomfortable to play something you dont know the main ideas…I would really prechuate that!
    Greetings from Germany 🙂

  13. Hi and thanks for this amazing videos about the colle-zukertort. You mention a video about knight f6 and pawn g6 as the first moves for black but I cant find this video….please post the link. Thanks

  14. You answered my first question right away: after 1. d4, c5! The Old Benoni. Stockfish says push to 2. d5, but I'd prefer to stick to the system with e3, as you showed us. The closest I've played this is as Black with the Tartakower against 1.d4. I like it even better as White. Thanks.

  15. Aja ngomong bae, aja ngomong mending jalan sampe skak mate orang2 pada maksud brooo !!! Karepmu maksud ya ngonoh ora ya ngonoh bodoa ha ha ha Sontoloyo makmur

  16. I like waiting for them to move their light square bishop, then get my Queen to B3, take their pawn on B2 if possible. If their queen has moved you can take their rook and check the King, if they haven't moved their queen it forces them to keep it there to guard the rook. I'm pretty noob, and it's a good tactic vs other noobs at least lol.

  17. did you ever post a vid on how to stop that fianchetto?

  18. Thanks a lot. Great content.
    1:03 1. d4 c5 don't push d4
    2:00 pawn b3 to avoid pushing ..c4

    2:44 a3 move when .. Nc6

    3:46 c4 when early bishop move to Bf5

    5:49 After .. Nf6 and pawn .. g6

    6:34 After xx. Ne5 Nxe5

  19. Sean, I love this video! I love the CZ. But did you ever do a video (like you mentioned in this CZ part 2 video) on how to play the CZ against g6/kid? If not, then that would be an amazing video please – as I need help with CZ against g6/kid. Thank you so much.

  20. Has anyone told you that you look and sound like a young George Takei? Thanks again for this series.

  21. Sean, at 5:56, what to play against that fianchetto variation? 🙏

  22. Hi Sean, you mention other upcoming vids for the Colle Z system like playing it against the KID but I can't find them on your play list. Did you ever get round to making them? Thanks!

  23. Please when you return waiting you for many days lol

  24. You never made a follow up video, what do you do when they fianchetto the bishop on g7?

  25. Very interesting system. Found it on another channel and got here in my further searches. Thanks!

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