How to Play the London System in 3 Minutes | The Easiest Chess Opening Ever

If you’re looking to step up your opening game with something so basic and effortless it could be played by a trained cockroach, look no further.

If you’re looking for an opening that will win you the respect of your peers, look much further.


  1. Thats the most fucking funny chess video I've ever seen

  2. Why does this dude's super dark humor seems like an ideal to strive towards?

  3. I should not have paused for that frame

  4. Single handedly the best chess tutorial I've ever seen🤣🤙👌

  5. oh ok i am not playing it please make the depression go bye bye now

  6. Clicked to see someone roast the London System for 3 minutes. Was not disappointed

  7. 50% chess / 50% roast. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

  8. You should make a chess tutorial on the Alekhine Defence!

  9. Can confirm I am a mouth breather who wants to take the fun out of chess 50% of the time

  10. Best video on London system…specially the second half as you start questioning yourself 😂

  11. In the end 😂😂😂I feel every word 😂😂😂😂

  12. I'm inspired to give up chess after this

  13. It took me several times of watching this video (like probably eight or so) before I caught the joke at 1:31 that he slips in under his breath. It fits perfectly with the rest of the video

  14. Never played this shit.
    I usually go Alekhine's all day long.
    But I need something against the icky d4 c4.

  15. 😆 So playing the london is the equivalent of playing teemo..🤣🤣🤣

  16. Aright tell me where the London Opening touched you

  17. makes chess look so easy😭😭 proceeds to fail on every chess platform

  18. i picked up the london and climbed from 900 to 1200 in rapid/blitz/bullet and plateaued. i proceeded to lose my mind as i stagnated at mediocrity. the game lost its magic. there was no fun in seeing the exact same position hundreds of times. i have since transitioned from queen's pawn to king's pawn openings. don't fall down the rabbit hole of d4. it will do horrible things to you, after making you feel an empty sense of accomplishment for gaining a few hundred rating points by learning nothing.

  19. I've got a feeling that this man has a thing for the london system..

  20. If you watched this whole video I don't understand how you didn't subscribe

  21. shut tf up! i just wanted to learn my first opening!

  22. this video is hilarious, i started learning chess with london system and thought i was a natural because i picked it up quickly, now i know im just a wood league dog 🙁

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