How to Play The Queen’s Gambit

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Recently I had a chess training session with the Melee pro IBDW, and I taught him the queens gambit, an opening I have played my whole life.

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  1. I'm a beginner player, and I think that memorizing openings are the most boring thing ever. Anyway I thought I should try this, so I opened D4, and the opponent responded with F5. See, already screwed on the first move.

  2. Interesting, dark haired Anna, I kind of like it

  3. For not wanting to show the London, apart from the c pawn sac (the knight can still go to c3), the bishop on h4 (would probably go back to g3 if not on f4) and the lack of a knight on e5, you have managed to put all of white's pieces exactly like they would be in the London lol. And yes different ideas of course (although still everything set up for a massive attack on the king side).

  4. I would like to see what happens when they just trade the pawn and dont defend it

  5. Thanks for teaching me the queens gambit, I guess. Your teachings were clear and efficient to me.

    These revelations about the queensgambit and its implications are huge. Its a shocking technique in itself, and it also changes the way I see the game itself.

    You might be a good teacher. (I've only watched until 7:46.)

  6. i like to take on c4 after the bishop moves to d3, since that means white loses a tempo cuz it has to take back on c4, but rather wants to go back immediately to d3. and that way the long white diagonal also stays open for blacks white-squared bishop

  7. You are very attraktive with your dark Haircolor!

  8. Qf3 is a free piece not a rook, black can sac a bishop or knight to save the rook.

  9. I’d put more value on the knights. Saying the bishops are worth 3.5 and knights are 3 is really unfair. I know bishops can control diagonals but knights can jump over pieces so I’d say they’re even with bishops.

  10. being shallow here-Anna, UR dark hair-do is better. But hey, it's UR choice. Always great vids.

  11. If its chess making you this happy Anna am doing it forever,,cool personality…the lesson too was overboard..

  12. Nice teaching Anna! I really love that your youtube videos stand on their own and that you don't just use youtube to advertise your twitch.

  13. OoooH WoW lovely and easy laughing video! WoW I love Your stile!

  14. Nah Queen's Gambit is not aggrsessive. Queen's Gambit is a easy draw for black. That is why I don't play d4 no more.

  15. Man! Anna Kramwell is very adorable and heart warming. Hope her future husband takes care of her; or I will have his neck.

  16. I am no fan of not playing to the end. Just saying.

  17. how he 1200 rated and don’t know about bishop pair? lol

  18. Thanks for this, Anna. I have been playing E4 my entire life. I think I will start giving D4 a whirl!

  19. I really like your enthusiasm when you explain, I’ve learned so much thank you 👌

  20. 3:50 its not a free rook, its a free knight.
    Knight is defense the rook, queen take knight and check the king and then bishop defense king and the queen cant take the rook elsewhere she gonna be taking by the black queen.
    But everything else is good. Good job anna love your videos.

  21. The queens gambit is an opening named after a woman named "gambit"

  22. Never used myself, but will now give it a go and let you know.

  23. Hands down the first video to help me understand the queens gambit more! Thank youuuu

  24. And ‘now comes the fun part’! Anna has so much fun, it’s infectious.

  25. You can protect the rock kinda: 1. d4 d5 2. c4 dxc4 3. e3 b5 4. a4 c6 5. axb5 cxb5 6. Qf3 Bb7 7. fxb7 Kd7 and then black queen protects rock. But you had to sacrify a bishop

  26. I loved this and was excited to play online. I am white and after D4 black moved E5


  27. I love how happy she is… watching her makes me happier.

  28. We need more videos like this!! Your explanations are great! ❤

  29. I feel like you assume that other player wants to protect pawn., an agressive player like me will not care of preasure put to a pawn, instead, I would build an attack while you enjoy the pawn., my attack will most likely be mate focused, but good start with gamebit

  30. Hi Anna…, Excellent instructional chess game ! ! Anna…, you are bright, intelligent and attractive… " Semper Fi " Mike in Montana P.S.: Excellent instructional chess game and "Thank you" for sharing the video… 🙂

  31. very good tutorial. I'm gonna give this a try 😀

  32. at 11:44 when black plays h6, what would be wrong with white playing h4, if black take the bishop and you take with the pawn, now you got a clear rook column, any thoughts is h4 good or bad

  33. me taking down notes

  34. at 6:51 – pawn to b5 is possible and a good move and you will regret to take that pawn with a knight!

  35. 8:40 I don't understand Bishop to g5. It is only for changing with the knight and ruin the pawn defense for potential castling? but even this after knight d7 is not possible.
    because after bishop g5 comes pawn h6, bishop h4, pawn g5. Is it worth?

  36. I wish I could learn chess but I find that chess lessons are pointless cause when ever I play chess some one will do something random and i have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to do

  37. I keep watching this video again and again. Trying to stumble through queens gambit. Winning more games with tighter time controls. Still stumbling through it. But it's starting to resemble more of what is going on in this video.

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