How to Play the Sicilian Najdorf – Chess Openings Explained

Jonathan Schrantz teaches how to play the “Cadillac” of openings, the Sicilian Najdorf. The English Attack is explored in-depth, but other variations are covered.

Magnus Carlsen vs Wesley So, Sinquefield Cup (2015): B90 Sicilian, Najdorf, Byrne (English) attack
Sergey Karjakin vs Viswanathan Anand, Corus (2006): B90 Sicilian, Najdorf, Byrne (English) attack


  1. 19:32
    "for control"
    sounded like "frickkin' troll" the first time I heard it lol

  2. Man if sm1 is teaching sicilian atleast switch board sides.

  3. Ah nine and a half minutes to find out you're not going over the variation I'm looking for xD

  4. Can you cover the legendary Machuka rook game?

  5. Who's here because of "The queen gambit" netflix series?

  6. I spent three hours after this vdo… It's great

  7. for some serious analytical chess this was really funny.

  8. I enjoyed the speaker greatly. Very energetic and engaging.

  9. As a 700 rated noob, I definitely NEED to learn complex and top GM openings

  10. Thebossminecraftpvp want to play najdorf what a king

  11. yes i am 400 rated i will play this and win

  12. I dont want equal position man, i want a position that destroys White, lol

  13. I love u so much, thanks to you I play a national.

    Love from México ♥️

  14. Chess Analysis 64 تحليل الشطرنج ٦٤ says:

    Excellent Understanding and Commentary , Thanks a lot.

  15. As much I enjoy the lecture I like his interaction with the kid LOL. "You learned from us" (calling the knight as bishop) and then "You play better than the world champion" HAHAHA he's a nice lecturer 😀

  16. Wow Paul Morphy himself wanted to know how to play this opening.

  17. TY nice explanation,
    what is the name of your software?

  18. Just curious, why do most people in the chess world default to using he/him for theoretical players?

  19. For 4:50 can't they just play Nxe4,Qxf4, and Nxe6+? After the trade of minor pieces, black cannot take the pawn on c2 because e5 would be hanging and the position is superior for white

  20. 05:47 There's an interesting forced draw that'd happen if white plays Qh5 instead of retreating back with Ng3. Black's best move is to take the knight on e4. White proceeds with Qg5+, Kh8 is forced for black, Qf6+, Kg8 is forced, Qg5+ and no other option than to repeat.

  21. This guy is so confusing and stressful somhow, I didn't enjoy it at all. ERIC R Is so different league

  22. Did not enjoy. I would have preferred you played as "Black" which would have been more in tune with your video title. With "white" at the bottom, I found it to complicated to see my Black positon.

  23. It have been a long time sines I comment on this .. dont remember where In the game I kind of thing that white most have a better move. So never mind

  24. Can we get a whole series on this please

  25. Hey can you do a lecture on the Nakhmanson gambit? I saw a youtuber play it once

  26. Why would 3. …Nf3 force white to play 4. Nc3? Can't white just play 4. Bd3?

  27. at 4:50, doesnt Nxe4, Qxf5, Nxd6+, Bxd6, Qxd6 look good or is there some kind of trick im missing here?

  28. Nah if you have time go for the prettiest checkmate

  29. Will there be a tutorial series on how to cheat…I mean…play like Hans Niemann?

  30. Amazing my dear ❤️ thanks for sharing 💕💕

  31. TheBossMinecraftPVP my man be beating people in Minecraft as much he beat them people on the board, a true idol.

  32. Great lecture, keep up the good work.
    In the last position where you talked about mating in the right number of moves, I think the move Rc2+ is leading into a 3 moves mate.

  33. My opponent is also watching this 😅😅

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