How To PUNISH Early Queen Attacks In Chess

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In chess openings, beginners often struggle with early queen moves. This can lead to the Scholars Mate or other traps involving tactics that lead to losing material. In this video, I hope to show the Wayward Queen Attack and other opening garbage that you can defeat and not worry about anymore.

0:00 Intro
8:15 GAME 1 vs. 810
12:56 GAME 2 vs. 767
22:02 GAME 3 vs. 1100

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  1. Nothing is more annoying than the early queen attack. It also doesn't help I suck.

  2. Whenever someone tries to scholar's mate me because my elo is low enough they eventually hang their queen because they don't notice the f pawn is defended

  3. I would like to play Gotham so he could tell me what all I'm doing wrong

  4. Hey, chess noob here, can someone please explain to me why at 5:30 he goes Qxd4 instead of Nxd4 to trade queens? Seems like it’d be better to take with the knight and then threaten the take with Queen. Is it just to bait removing both queens?

  5. Just watched this video, and the first game I took after watching, the early queen attack happened and I forked the king and queen, thank you!

  6. im here to destroy those annoying 500 elo that dont know how to play chess properly

  7. if gotham was my teacher i will actually listen to the class

  8. Look like not too scary and totally horrible 😂

  9. boutta decimate nelson, obliterate his ass.

  10. I play the Mieses-kotrc with a really high win rate as white because of course knight attacks queen. I saw someone one time push the queen back diagonally and got a turn 3 royal pin. I've only seen it once and that was a turn 3 game ender.

  11. How on earth you create a video and mention the thumbnails in the video that are recording that not even posted yet and you mention about thumbnail that you know you gonna put there in the first place? What are youuuu? Always step ahead!

  12. After defeatong Nelson , I am watching this video

  13. My grandfather used to make early queen attacks all the time, I got beat up by his queens for 10 years. Now I use it when it's my first game against anyone to see what level I should expect from my opponent. It just works everytime against beginners

  14. I hate early queen attacks. I’ve watched a million of these videos and I don’t think I’ve ever beaten one. They never play the moves these guys say, I just end up chasing them around the board as they slowly pick off my pieces.

  15. In the land of triple digits, this is the only strategy

  16. Lots of fun to watch. Thank you

  17. This video alone probably helped me gain 100 ELO lol
    Thanks, Gotham!

  18. At 18:23, your bishop isn't protected. Why doesn't white take your bishop?

  19. Playing a few games a day untill i get out of 100 elo 💀

  20. But Levy, I like the wayward queen attack. Everyone kept falling for it

  21. I played against an opponent who also used his queen early. After developing my pawns, white squared bishop, and Knight… I got his queen trapped.
    If i could post screenshot on YT comments, it would be more understandable

  22. Knight can defend against the queen checkmate by going to h6 from g8

  23. 28:47 how on earth did he move his king INTO checkmate? That's not possible. Someone explain what the heck happened

  24. Thank you dear god I am so fucking tired of these annoying early queen moves lol I always miss something small then it's a random checkmate. Definitely going to use some of these ideas in practice!

  25. 1:20 I had a game were I lost the rock but was able to do the same in reverse and fuck up the finaly and get a draw

  26. Gotham chess is LOL Edutainment! or infotainment!

  27. I beat nelson I can't beat deadlost tho

  28. I hate early queen attacks. It's so frustrating because it feels so awful to play against, and it's a sequence of 4-5 moves so you don't learn much other than "Get rekt bozo"

  29. Jesus is lord I urge EVERYONE reading this to read the bible

  30. at 10:10 would it be a bad move to play Qa4+ threatning to take the bishop and if he plays Nc6 blocking the check and protecting the queen and you played Bb5 adding attacker to the knight and pinning it to the king so you can take the bishop and if he moves the bishop you take the knight with the bishop and after and you are up a material and if he recaptures it with the pawn you play Qc6+ you got a free rock ?

  31. At 14:06 you say "if knight takes D5 my opponent's king will be stuck in the center" but I can't figure out why? Could someone enlighten me?
    Thanks for this video, very helpful. Already won twice defending the early queen move hehe.

  32. i usually bring the king's knight out asap

  33. Great video – pacing, repetition, options, etc.

  34. This is the chess equivalent of mega knight in clash royale

  35. Hi from the future — I would love to see more of these 5 minute games with your subscribers (who are rated about the same as me) because you explain your thought process very well. It's nice to see how to defeat the kind of people I face on a daily basis.

  36. Just destroyed Nelson after the first half of the video

  37. Skandy Qe5! All I can do is block. Whatever I block with becomes pinned. Please offer the best response and highlight exploits. Thanks.

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