How To REALLY Play The London System

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  1. The way he says dog is so quintessentially new york

  2. “I just moved my bishop around bc I was trying to subtly write my name on his face while pretending to focus on the game”
    -Jimmy from Londun, probably

  3. The waffle house has found it's new host

  4. do you have Jimmy written on your face??? did you loose a bet? Did you pass out drunk next to a guy named jimmy??

  5. why does black play bb4 in the opening, I would play bd6!

  6. I play knight C3 the just March forwar and fork the king and rook

  7. i feel like it’s moments like this which really shows how much he taught young kids. like he tries to explain stuff that a little kid could understand and it comes out a little in his videos.

  8. What to do if they play pawn to g5 to threaten my bishop in the beginning

  9. This was exactly what’s happen this morning to me

  10. Indian guys threw their phone out of windows 😂

  11. The Squirrel Blunder 🐿 🐕 ♟ or even better the Paw-n Blunder

  12. Why does he look and sounds(Landhoon) like a Mexican Gangster

  13. Levy just became lil levy with that tat 😳

  14. I actually do that Benji thing a lot, why is it bad?

  15. This is exactly how my dog eats breakfast lol

  16. Bruh how come when I play the London they go E4 and everything just goes awfully 😭😭

  17. And remember: it won't do you any good to learn the best openings and defenses by heart if you don't know how to play them, why to play them, study as many variations and attack plans as possible.

  18. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. After d4, opponent pawn to e5 is disaster for us but pawn c3 can save us but it would completely destroy the pyramid if opponent exchange pawns.
    And i am talking no one will tell that pawn to e5 taking the pawn can happen. It can but i would completely destroy the pyramid in the starting itself and we will mess up in opening because no opening will work here but if opponent exchange pawns after pawn c3 then we will atleast have a decent opening

  20. The indians here the lund doon in other wayy😂

  21. I swear thats me but i dont know what it is i just do it

  22. I can't focus on the opening, cuz of his cheeks 😅

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