How To SURVIVE Chess Openings As Beginner?

How To SURVIVE Chess Openings As Beginner?

In Today’s video, I show you the main mistakes made by chess beginners in the opening. If you don’t follow the right opening principles, you can get checkmated in 9 moves and even much faster. I discuss the problems that beginners have with pawn structures and the misunderstanding of ideas for developing pieces and especially how to avoid wasting time to avoid losing the game in the opening.

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  1. I never imagined that you would look like this.

  2. He sacrificed THE KNIGHT
    And on the very next move he sacrificed THE BISHOOPPPP

  3. Ngl my strategy when I started chess was to get every pawn to the 4th rank under any circumstances 😂😂😂

  4. Intercontinental ballistic missile but with different moves

  5. No disrespect at all I agree with the pin comment your voice didn’t match your appearance I usually just watch only your shorts but cool my guy keep it up

  6. i actually did that awful pawn structure and won against an advanced chess bot (probably 1400 – 1600 rating)

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