How to Win ANY Chess Game in 4 Moves!


  1. No good player would make the first move to mirror your first move by exposing the king so early

  2. Damm don’t play scholars mate if your above 450 literally no one’s fall for that 😑

  3. the counter to this is simply move your knight infront of that pawn that his queen should eat , then if he eats the knight , u can eat him with your other queen as he cant eat your pawn

  4. thank u helped so much made my opponent quick mid game 🙏😼

  5. Only works if your opponent is above 400 elo.

  6. WTF 😂 oppnent always make random move

  7. Lol I have looked at 12 of these and its all the same. King pawn then opponent copies. M8 all the people I face move either the knight pawn or bishop pawn. Never the Queen or King pawn.

  8. Bro my opponent didn't follow the script what do I do 😔

  9. How is it checkmate? The king just takes out my queen…

  10. Moving your queen all the way is better. Also bad guide, so easy not to lose to it

  11. Thank you for telling me that. because
    I played chess with my teenage brother and
    he wins every time.

  12. i did this on imessage and my queen instantly got taken what’s up with that i’ll drop my number so maybe you can teach me

  13. But he called the queen a pawn-😂

  14. But what if they put the knight on g6 after ther c4 move?

  15. U have placed the king and the queen wrong

  16. This is a lotta “let’s say your opponent does X” for this to be effective…

  17. No one fall for this kind of scholar mate, not even martin

  18. This does not work btw to anyone wondering it give the king a clear shot at the queen

  19. Man i came with this move last night i didnt know it even existed

  20. This opening sums up every single 600-800 rated games that I've played

  21. bro my class mate tried it for me but I put the other knight at the edge to defend💪😎

  22. Well… That is… If your opponent's a beginner or don't know how to play COMPETITIVE CHESS GAMES!

  23. And that's the point, my opponent is never going to make a random stupid move because I don't play with idiots

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