I Invented a BRAND NEW Chess Opening: The Cow Opening!!!

I present to you, The COW Opening! This has never been played before, and I’ve actually had a pretty good win-rate with this opening. Let me know in the comments down below what you think of it, and if you try any games with it!

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00:00 Intro
00:23 First Game (white pieces)
15:45 Second Game (black pieces)

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  1. you should name them after breads of cows, Jersey, Holstein, Angus, Hereford, Aberdeen, etc.

  2. my deffences get completly wrecked in like 80% of the games I do with the cow.

  3. I’m 500 and I just played a guy 650.
    Did the cow opening and checkmate in 15 total moves!
    He had no idea what to do lol

  4. I've tried your "COW" opening in my last five games, which I've won, but it's a little odd. The opening is simple… the mid-game takes some concentration… and, the end game just seems to fall into place. I'll have to experiment some more before I can reach a definite conclusion. But, kudos for innovation…! 🙂

  5. Looks pretty good to me, I'll give it a try. I think I played this way when I was around 600 ELO, but after the sixth move it was over for me.

  6. What an smart girl she is inventing her own opening and calling cow opening that will make it look nice but when it get stings it get dangerous it's just soo funny.

  7. I never win using the cow opening, I always lose.

  8. I would like to call you my future wife 😂 ❤

  9. Hello Anna, my name is Mike. I have a couple friends who play quite a bit of chess. They've come into a move position where it's questionable, whether the king can be, but I want to send you a photo to show you what they are asking cuz I don't play that much chess. Is there any way that you can give me a link to send you a photo or are you familiar with this position? Thank you!

  10. I always play co-opting when I’m playing as black. This is the best opening because the best thing is this gets your open and very confused. There is a surprise and you are a lot of moves ahead and there are some secret benefits. Love it.

  11. Just tried it yesterday. Had a lot of fun. More wins than losses!

  12. Does she have an accent or is that just me?

  13. Okk so blocking ur bishops by ur pawn , not developing fast and letting ur opponent develop their pieces , wasting moves to adjust knights and many more flaws that is the reason it hasn't been played ever yet cuz it is the worst opening and ig ur opponent is good he will smash the hell outta u😑

  14. Thank you, Anna! Now this is my favorite opening for black. "Protecting the bull", "Raise the whites on the horns." Also, sometimes the “One-Horned Cow Defense” happens when the enemy is very active, and the second horse does not have time to enter the arena. In any case, it turns out interesting.
    Спасибо, Анна! Теперь это мой любимый дебют за черных. "Защита быка", "Поднять белых на рога". Также иногда получается "Защита однорогой коровы", когда противник очень активен, и второй конь не успевает выйти на арену. В любом случае, получается интересно.

  15. Small sample size, but I watched this vid yesterday and I've won both my Cow games as white and lost my one Cow game as black 🙂 I'm only at the 500 level and very much a beginner but in every game I've seen my opponents making very confused choices, and the whole thing feels very surprising and destabilizing! It's really fun to play with and I'm curious to keep exploring it 🙂 Thanks for your great work!

  16. i played this opening against my brother and he made an excuse to go to the bathroom cuz he didnt want to get crushed

  17. I love your magic "Cow" opening. I have played it a few times and have (somehow) won every game. Magnus likes the Ruy-Lopez. Everyone likes the London system for white and either the King's Indian (or RAT defense) or the Caro-Kann for black … I love the Cow. Ferdinand gets stung by the bee and becomes a total chess badass (even though he is a peaceful flower sniffing cow by nature). Thank you for sharing this great opening! As always, you have a subtle brilliance that shines through.

  18. Omg I’ve tried this and you just have to perfect it but it surely upped my game it’s great

  19. The cow is a good name but it looks like a bull when you get your moves all setup

  20. Jag testade den, men det blev lika. Motståndaren hade bara kungen kvar och jag hade torn och bonde, men tiden tog slut för mig.

  21. petition to name the variant the milk variant

  22. Deleting unwanted comments ain't very nice. I'll say it again: This opening has been plagiarized from Pafu's 2002 book The Defense Game available online in PDF for free.

  23. Why is your mouth wide 2 kilometers

  24. U should adversely create a counter to the cow opening called "The slaughter house"

  25. Okay Anna, cool you bring this up for us, thanks for that! I am surely waiting till I can annoy one of my (adult now kids) by putting your cow on the board 🙂 🙂
    But the one thing I want to question you about.. is it also a possible explanation for what happens when you play the cow i.e. you firstly come in a bit bad position and then in the mid and end game you turn up onto your opponent… could an explanation also be that the cow opening is not so good, explaining why it always starts a bit shady but then, that you have your comeback in mid and end is just simple given because you are a strong chess player?

  26. When I saw the name I guessed it would be because the opening involved dumping large amounts of excrement all over the board.

  27. Moo variation, back kick variation

  28. Interestingly, the first two books of the Qur'an are:
    1. Al-Fatiha (The Opening)
    2. Al-Baqarah (The Cow)

  29. I'm looking forward to trying these MOOve's. LoL …I crack myself up!

  30. Call playing with white milky cow and with black – chocolate or choco cow

  31. Let Me ask it like this, Anna (if You sort through All these…):

    Stone Cold, Solves EVERY equation, aligns EVERY mirror.


    EVERY tumbler.

    Mathematically Irreducible.

    The Grail.
    (said in a John Cleese…)

    Ok… if I DID have That, how could I get It to a(n) ("established") polymath (and, bankrupt Google, Gates, Zuckerberg, that sort of thing…)?

    How? You are a Master Tactician. If I give You a Single Pawn advantage, can You checkmate The World?

  32. Ive been playing this for a while in blitz and win everytime

  33. at first glance uses the same theory as the hippo.

  34. I have a secret too. Many secrets. I'm quite puzzled right now. I saw someone shopping tonight. She looked and sounded just like you. I said aloud by myself, "That looks just like Anna." 😮 Love you🌬💜❤️🐻🐻‍❄🍻

  35. Just win first game small cow 850 rank, gonna aim for the 1k with this, mu mu mu milk milk milk /chessfirststudynoob
    Edit: 2 in a mu mu 874

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