I Showed the Cow Opening to My Grandmaster Parents…


On my dad’s birthday I thought why not show him the opening I just invented… and here is the reaction!! 😀 Hope you enjoy the video and let me know in the comments down below how the cow opening is treating you!

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  1. When your dad said he would play this opening in "one tournament" and mom immediately replied, "no, no, no not classical, online you can play if you want but, not classical!" That's a mother's love shining and protective instinct blazing through! 🙂 But seriously, it would have been educational to see you play your parents to stalemate or checkmate using your opening.

  2. OMG I didn't know you were Spanish from Malaga, no wonder I like you so much!

  3. Oh … I had been laughing so hard, specially after your dad told you he was to test it… the expresion on your mom face 😂

  4. Just curious did you play thin in your tournament?

  5. I don't like how she laughs at her dad right at the beginning. It's rude

  6. Anna showing her parents this opening and laughing has the exact same energy as a kid showing her parents some memes on the internet and laughing.

  7. this has been played by novice chess players since the beginning of chess being played. stop saying you invented it, you did not…

  8. ..Love this channel.. always full of positivity & good energy…& I don't even play chess !!

  9. This is very similar to a set up my dad had drawn on a chess box. It involved the pawns on the side and the bishops too.

  10. "Ok, looks like Magnus is playing the Cow opening. And black responds with the Angry Chipmunk gambit. Will white accept? No! White chooses the Dancing Beaver counter gambit, this leads to some very sharp positions…" – Chess in 2023

  11. Love seeing the happiness between you and your parents – the chess is just an extra.

  12. I love how your mom and dad love you and support you . I think you should show it to Magnus Carlson he can pull it off for sure lol

  13. Lol, the mom forbade him from playing it in a live tournament; lol. He's in it for fun, he just happens to be passionate enough to be a GM.

  14. Amazing, cute family of chess pros. Happy Birthday Pop, you got a new opening for your birthday, I hop you use it!

  15. I do the Cow Opening almost all the time

  16. The love in your family is worth more than all the gold in the world

  17. I'm sorry but I do this all the time because I don't know what I'm doing and I think it looks neat.

  18. Anna, todo cuadra mujer! Esta apertura es la leche! Conoces esta expresión? Me encanta! Tiene mas fuerza de la que parece.

  19. This is how I would open as a kid 30 years ago

  20. This works because cow in Spanish is "vaca" (pronounced baca) and the Japanese word for stupid is "baka" (I'm going to 100% use this opening)

  21. OMG, Im a total noobie in chess and I do this move on my own since I was a child, this is my move. I didn't knew this move wasn't played by anyone officially at least. hahahaha the more I watch this, I do EXACLTY the same thing, not always, but I do this many times. This is how I end up positioning my Knights. But I have variations, for the knights, sometimes both or not both.

  22. I do play variations of that exact opening from time to time. But yeah, the benefit is that you get your horses out and you can also usually easily move the towers and queen so you can easily threaten the opponent, the downside is that you can be pushed against the wall as well if you are not careful so pushing the paws further forward can be good as well.

  23. I just used the cow opening for the first time and beat my opponent… XD

  24. Anna., your parents love you so much! ❤

  25. Next time I would take chocolate as a backup gift 😅

  26. Wow your dad shares birthday with mine 🙂

  27. Now adopt the bull opening.
    Strong bull .

  28. Is it for our benefits or do they actually speak English at home?

  29. I like it, and play it often. Aggressive play…

  30. Tried the cow defense for the first time last night and my opponent just blundered a full bishop on c4

  31. I would have liked more if Anna had completed the game with her GM parents once or twice using this method to truly test the effectiveness of The Cow Opening.

  32. Dad: I’ll play it in classical
    Anna: yay
    Mom: no you can play it online

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