I Tried The Worst Chess Openings

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0:00 Intro
2:45 Game 1 – awful
8:58 Game 2 – GENIUS
17:40 Game 3 – horrible

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  1. i don't understand……why dont take the queen in game 2 with the bishop while she checks

  2. But you didn't play the camel or the cow or the egg

  3. DAMNNN!!! The game with the Indonesian guy was amazing! That mate was mind blowing!

  4. Oh wow whoever is playing Gothams opponent in the 2nd match..you suck. Gotham like totally embarrassed you 😮😮 Good job Master Gotham. You are truely an amazing chess player!!😊😊😊😊😊

  5. I use the barnes opening often because I think it's cool. This video made me sad

  6. you didn't play the barnes opening hammerschlag variation

  7. "If you're watching this 6 months into the future"…

    How does he know???

  8. Why is everyone here hateing the London??😢

  9. Bro e4 f5 exf5 Kf2 is the real duras gambit and u played the wrong opening and its the best of all the openings…😮

  10. I play the grob opening most of the time and I still win

  11. You should of sac the rook in game 2

  12. I feel like you could make a video on moves that are very "OOGA" as you've put it in the past. The Grob has to be up there.

  13. Isn't the worst opening though when you combine f3 and g4?

  14. Damn, how does levy know I'm watching this 6 months after?

  15. I'm literally watching this six months in the future. That's kind of fun.

  16. It’s literally 6 months in the future now😂

  17. im coming 6 month future and it is my first watch

  18. how do you know im watching 6 months into the future 😭

  19. How did levy know I was watching this 6 months later..

  20. Well, I played in my last game the doubled beaver claw (a5 and h5) and developed the pieces with the cow, and still won the game by checkmate. Everything is possible at my level of 1300.

  21. I am watching this exactly 6 months after

  22. TLDR: Levi just playing the London for 26 minutes straight

  23. I’m actually watching this 6 months in the future, thanks for the suggestion and tho

  24. So the better I get at chess the better I automatically get irl? 🤔😮👍

  25. Where is the diss respect gambit💀💀💀💀💀🗿🗿🗿🗿

  26. Levi trying to prove me during 26 minutes and 19 seconds that grob is bad XD

  27. 2:51 ЗАДВИИНУУУЛ!
    Готэму надоело, что Омариев громит его в Гробе, сам решил Гроб сыграть🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. I was watching this 6 months in the future, so he caught me off guard.

  29. me watching this exactly 6 months in the future

  30. The best thing in this video is a American knowing a football ball football team

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